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Vital Information on Professional Prestwich Ant Infestation Removal

If there are ants in your home, it is important that you talk to a Prestwich ant infestation removal expert. Professionals like Young’s pest control will do an assessment of your home and find out if you are dealing with an ant infestation in the house. They will then establish what kind of an infestation it is. Is it a flying ant infestation? Lastly, they will discuss with you the Prestwich ant infestation removal options and offer their recommendations.

Facts about Ants
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Ants are what are referred to as commensal pests or insects. That is, they like to live near humans and eat the same things that humans do. Little wonder, therefore, that one of the most common places you can find ants in the kitchen and especially the pantry. Other places you can find include behind window frames, beneath floors, under kitchen appliances and in wall voids.

How they enter your home
Ants are tiny insects that enter your home, through tiny cracks and crevices. They get into houses in search of greasy and sweet food. It is amazing how such small creatures are able to find their way from the food source and back to their nests. The worker ants that are responsible for foraging for food leave behind invisible insecticide trails that other ants can follow to get to the source of food.

Ants live in colonies of between 300 000 and 500 000 ants. The colonies are made of worker ants, the queen ants and the male ants. The workers are responsible for taking care of the queen, the colony and foraging for food. The males only fertilize the queen which then lays eggs. On average, worker ants have a life span of 7 years while the queen can live for 15 years.

Hiring professional ant control
The first thing you are likely to do when you see an ant is run to the store for do-it-yourself ant control. However, this is ill-advised. For starters, with so many Prestwich ant infestation removal products, you are likely to get confused and end up buying the wrong one. What is more, not all ant treatment products are as effective as they claim to be.

The advantage of hiring a professional to get rid of the ant infestation in house is that they will use treatments that not only get rid of the ants that you can see but that penetrate and destroy hidden nests. The first thing experts like Young’s pest control will do is determine what kind of ant infestation you have. A flying ant infestation, for example, requires different treatment from other types of infestation.