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Using Professional Pendlebury Mole Trapping and Control Services

Mole in a molehillWhile they are relatively small in size, moles can be big on the damage they cause and many people will want Pendlebury mole trapping measures put in place to clear this unwanted pest from their grounds. Their prodigious digging skills can result in problems occurring over wide areas, and landscaped gardens, sports grounds, and playing fields are some of the places that can suffer from the effects of a mole invasion. The expertise of professional mole control is a solution that can deal with the problem and you can find this at Young’s Pest Control.

Affected Areas

Moles are typically attracted to areas that are rich in both insects and earthworms as these are its main foodstuff. Plenty of urban locations have these conditions and when a mole moves to an area it will immediately start digging its complex of tunnels. This generally comprises a deeper system that it uses for getting around and shallower tunnels that are mainly for feeding. A mole will typically live alone in its territory and this can be extended to cover large areas, with some of the biggest covering up to one square kilometre.

What are the Signs?

Mole moundMoles spend most of their life underground and this means the likelihood of seeing one are slim. However, they leave enough evidence of their presence to identify that one has taken up residence in your grounds. The piles of dirt they bring to the surface as they dig tunnels are the most obvious signs. Their shallower feeding tunnels can also push up the ground to create a series of small ridges. They will continually dig tunnels to extend their territory and search for food, and this means the longer they are in place the more damage there will be. Early Pendlebury trapping and control is therefore needed to minimise the destruction they can cause.

Pendlebury Mole Trapping

Trapping a mole requires knowledge of their habits and behaviour, as well as an understanding of the tunnel complex they build. This makes professional Pendlebury mole trapping and controls a must to clear an area. The experts at Young’s Pest Control can inspect your grounds to establish the best locations for mole pest control to ensure it works quickly. As soon as you establish that moles are causing you problems, simply phone or email us to have one of our specialists visit your grounds and start the work of ridding you of a mole problem.