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Professional Cockroach Treatments In Pendlebury

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Need Help? Call Us On 0161 776 9832 For Expert Pest Control Advice On How To Identify Pest Infestations And Help Solve Your Pest Problem.












Cockroach Treatments In Pendlebury By Youngs Pest Control

Why Choose Us

German Cockroach control PendleburyAre you fed up with cockroaches roaming around your property? Don't worry! We've got a solution for you here at Youngs Pest Control in Pendlebury. We offer specialised and scientifically precise cockroach treatments. Our services ensure a pest-free environment through expert advice, the use of professional-grade products, and tailor-made solutions to eradicate infestations effectively. 

We stand out as a top choice due to our 24/7 emergency response, fast and professional treatments, and over 20 years of specialised experience. Our team holds professional qualifications and is a member of the NPTA, ensuring expertise in treating all types of pests. With discreet, unmarked vans, we cater to domestic and commercial customers.

What you get with Youngs Pest Control

Here at Youngs Pest Control, customers receive a comprehensive package of services, including inspection, treatment,cockroach dead advice, follow-up, and documentation. Our thorough inspection identifies the extent of the cockroach infestation. Tailored treatments are applied using professional-grade products. Expert advice on prevention measures is shared. We ensure we follow up on the progress of the treatment and provide detailed documentation for transparency and record-keeping purposes.

Common Areas We Treat

cockroach infestationKitchen Areas
Cockroaches are commonly found in kitchen areas due to their abundance of food sources and hiding spots. They are attracted to leftover crumbs, spills, and food residue. These pests typically hide in cracks, crevices, behind appliances, and cabinets. We can effectively treat these areas to eliminate cockroaches and prevent their return.

cockroaches in bathroomBathrooms
In bathrooms, an environment conducive to moisture and organic matter, cockroaches are drawn due to water sources and potential food debris, often hiding in damp areas and crevices. These pests seek out moisture-rich spots like leaky pipes or standing water. We focus on eliminating water sources, identifying entry points, and using targeted treatments to eradicate cockroach infestations effectively.

dinning area cockroachDining Areas

Dining areas are prime locations for cockroaches due to food residues and crumbs, creating an attractive environment for these pests to forage and hide. Cockroaches are lured to the scent of food, particularly sugars, starches, and proteins. They typically hide in cracks, crevices, and behind appliances near food sources. Our team can identify these areas and provide targeted treatments to eradicate cockroaches.


Within businesses, particularly in break rooms or cafeterias, cockroaches are commonly drawn due to food residues, crumbs, and moisture, creating an ideal environment for these pests to thrive. They usually hide in cracks, behind appliances, and near water sources. We can help businesses by conducting thorough inspections, implementing effective treatments, and providing recommendations to prevent future infestations.

Pest Control For Residential And Businesses in Pendlebury


Cockroach infestations in residential properties pose a significant threat to both daily living standards and publiccockroaches health due to the illnesses they can spread. We treat various types of homes, such as flats, detached, semi-detached, terraced, cottages, and bungalows. Our detailed approach ensures the elimination of these pests, safeguarding the well-being of residents and maintaining a healthy living environment in Pendlebury.


Effective pest management in business establishments is crucial in upholding hygiene standards and safeguarding public health, particularly in industries such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, warehouses, food production outlets, and shops in Pendlebury. Irregular cockroach control treatments can severely damage the reputation of these businesses, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential health risks due to contamination.

Youngs Pest Control is your Local Expert for Cockroach Treatment in Pendlebury.

Here at Youngs Pest Control, we are a local company in Pendlebury, specialising in addressing pest infestations with precision and scientific expertise. Our team is devoted to providing effective solutions tailored to each customer's needs.
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What are the signs of a cockroach infestation?

One may observe distinctive smells, fecal droppings, and shed exoskeletons as potential signs of a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches emit a musty scent produced by their pheromones. Their droppings resemble black pepper or coffee grounds. Shed exoskeletons, translucent in color, indicate their growth stages. Identifying these signs early can aid in prompt intervention to address the infestation effectively.


Can I treat cockroach infestations on my own?

Attempting to tackle cockroach infestations on your own is not recommended. Without professional knowledge and tools, DIY methods often fall short, providing only temporary relief or sometimes even exacerbating the problem. Cockroaches are known for their resilience and ability to hide in hard-to-reach places, making it difficult to eliminate them completely without expert intervention. Furthermore, incorrect use of pesticides can pose health risks to humans and pets. For effective and safe eradication, it's advisable to seek professional pest control services.

Here at Youngs Pest Control in Pendlebury, we offer effective and professional cockroach treatments for both residential and commercial properties. With our expertise and skills, we can quickly identify and eliminate cockroach infestations, providing peace of mind for our customers. Attempting to treat cockroach infestations on your own may not be as effective as hiring a professional service like ours. Trust the experts to ensure a thorough and successful treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cockroaches harmful?

  • Yes, they can carry pathogens that cause diseases such as salmonella and E. coli.

How do cockroaches enter homes?

  • Cockroaches can enter through cracks, crevices, drains, and vents.

How quickly do cockroaches reproduce?

  • These pests reproduce quickly, with some species capable of laying hundreds of eggs yearly.