Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Pendlebury BumbleBee Control Services

Many people expect that wasps are the only nesting insect they will need to deal with around the house, but bumblebees are increasingly becoming a household pest. These insects cause noise and irritation when they nest in attics or wall spaces, can nest in openings like dryer vents and clog them up completely, and create a stinging hazard when they nest around the home. Tree bumblebees, in particular, are aggressive and like to nest in and around buildings. Pendlebury bumblebee control is a simple and straightforward task when left up to experts who have experience and training in the safe handling of bees and insecticide pesticides.

About Bumblebees

Britain has several native species of bumblebee, and recently the tree bumblebee has started to become common after being introduced from Europe. Bees are important pollinators of wild plants and many food crops, but they can also sting, creating painful welts and possibly serious allergic reactions. Tree bumblebees are more aggressive than most native bees, actively patrolling the nest area and reacting strongly to any disturbances. These bees are also more likely to nest near places where people are active, increasing the chance of someone accidentally upsetting them and being stung.

Pendlebury BumbleBee Control

Where possible, Pendlebury bumblebee removal literally involves moving the nest to a safer location, where the bees are less likely to encounter people on a daily basis. Bee handling skills and proper personal protective equipment are needed for this, as well as the knowledge to properly identify the species and know its habits so that the risk of a sting is minimized. For these reasons, leaving Pendlebury bumble bee control up to trained experts like the staff at Young's Pest Control is the safest option.

Bumble Bee on flowerWhen the nest is large, the species very aggressive or some other factor prevents the colony being moved, insecticide treatment is the only control option. Here again, bee control experts can assess the situation and determine the best treatment to use and how to apply it to be sure that the queen is destroyed and the colony won't come back. Trained pest control technicians are also knowledgeable about safe handling and use of insecticides and how to work safely from heights if the nest is hard to reach.

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