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Squirrels are a costly Pest to Entertain

If you live in the UK, it is crucial to be aware of the dangers that grey squirrels can pose to your property. These creaturesPemberton Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Squirrel Control treatment are notorious for causing extensive damage. In addition, they can be very difficult to get rid of once they have established themselves on your property. Suppose you believe that you have a problem with grey squirrels. In that case, it is vital to contact a professional pest control company right away. Pemberton Squirrel Trapping is one of the leading companies in this industry. We are experts at getting rid of these pesky critters quickly and efficiently.

The costly damage they cause

There are many risks associated with grey squirrels in the UK:

  • They destroy trees by stripping bark from them.
  • They dig up lawns and gardens.
  • They chew through electrical wires, causing power surges and fires.
  • They harbour fleas that spread diseases like Lyme Disease, killing other squirrel species populations across Europe.

Pemberton Squirrel Control treatmentIn addition, they can contaminate your food with their droppings, as well as carry fleas and ticks into your home. Trapping by professionals specializing in it, Pemberton Squirrel Pest Control, is the most common way to handle an infestation.

There are a variety of ways squirrels can get into your home. They can enter through the roof, attic, or eaves; they can also get through cracks and holes in the walls, windows, and doors. In addition, they can use their powerful teeth to gnaw through wood, metal, and plastic to create an opening.

Reasons why squirrels nest in homes

It is true that squirrels are naturally attracted to your property for many reasons, but one of the foremost is the food availablePemberton Squirrel Trapping Squirrel Control treatment Grey Squirrel control there. If you have a garden, for example, then you'll likely have a lot of food for squirrels. Another reason squirrels are attracted to your property is because of its shelter. If you have a lot of trees and bushes on your property, then squirrels will be able to hide from predators and keep warm during the winter.

Squirrels are omnivores that enjoy a variety of foods. They typically eat nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. However, they will also eat meat, bird eggs, and insects if they are available.

When do they breed

Female grey squirrels breed two times a year, usually in the late winter or early spring. They give birth to about 4 or 6 babies, who stay with their mother for about eight weeks. During this time, the mother squirrel teaches her young how to find food and survive on their own. Unfortunately, grey squirrels can cause a lot of damage to properties, so it is vital to contact Pemberton Squirrel Trapping if you have any concerns.

What do Grey Squirrels look like

The grey squirrel is regarded as a rodent that is found in the UK. They are about the size of a kitten and are usually grey or light brown in colour. They have large ears and eyes, and their teeth are sharp and curved. The males are larger than the females, weighing up to 800 grams. Grey squirrels are very active and can jump up to 7 metres.

Always choose an expert.

To ensure that you're getting rid of squirrels properly, you would need to make sure that you're choosing the right Pemberton Squirrel Control treatmentcompany. Pemberton Squirrel Pest Control has years of experience in dealing with these pests and knows how to get the process done safely and efficiently. DIY products may seem tempting, but they often don't work and can actually cause more damage in the long run. So before you try anything else, call Pemberton Squirrel Pest Control and let us take care of your squirrel problem for good.