Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Pemberton Bumblebee Nest Removal

It's that time of year again! Blooming flowers, a warm sun, and the bumblebees are buzzing around. WhilePemberton Bumblebee Nest Removal it's nice to have these little pollinators around, you don't want them building a nest in your garden. A bumblebee nest can be dangerous for your family and pets, so it's vital to get rid of it as soon as possible. Bumblebees will aggressively protect their nest from perceived threats, and a sting from these insects can be pretty painful. Those allergic to the venom of bees can experience anaphylactic shock after being stung. Contact Pemberton Bumblebee Nest Removal Service Near Me for assistance to get rid of the bumblebees from your garden.

The risks of having a bumblebee nest in your garden include:

-Being stung by the bees.

-Getting attacked by the bees if you come too close to the nest.

-Having your garden plants destroyed by the bees as they search for food.

-Possible death due to anaphylactic shock if you are allergic to bee stings.

Suppose you have a bumblebee nest in your garden. You should then contact a professional Pemberton Bumblebee Hive Removal Service for assistance. They will safely remove the nest and prevent any potential injuries or fatalities. Don't take risks with your family's safety - contact an Exterminator professional today!

Bumblebees Generally Nest in various places, from nests being elevated to nesting in the ground.Pemberton Bumblebee Nest Removal However, the most common areas to find these nests include: in tree cavities, under roof eaves, in sheds and garages, in bird boxes and other man-made structures. Although they may be small and seem innocuous, bumblebees can pose a real danger to your family if their nest is located near areas where you spend time. For example, if a bumblebee nest is located near your garden, you and your children may be at risk of being stung.

Bumblebee species that invade homes in the UK

There are several bumblebee species in the UK that can invade homes. The most common bumblebees that invade homes are:

Tree Bumblebee- Bombus hypnorum: This is the most common bumblebee species in the UK. They are about 15-20mm long and have a black thorax (body) with pale bands on their abdomen.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee- Bombus Terrestris: This is the UK's second most common bumblebee species. They are about 20-25mm long and have a buff (pale yellow) tail.

Red-tailed Bumblebee- Bombus lapidarius: This is the least common bumblebee species in the UK. They are about 22-30mm long and have a reddish-brown tail.

White-tailed Bumblebee- Bombus lucorum: These species have been known to invade homes. They are about 22-30mm long and are primarily black with a whitetail.

Suppose you're dealing with a bumblebee infestation. Pemberton Bumblebee Nest RemovalIn that case, it's essential to choose an expert like Pemberton Bumblebee Nest Removal Service Near Me. We offer comprehensive hive removal services that will get rid of every last bumblebee. Additionally, our team has the expertise and experience necessary to remove any beehive without harming yourself. So don't try to tackle this problem on your own - call us today for help!