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Professional Oldham Woodworm Treatment

Should I worry if I think I have woodworm?

Woodworm can cause a lot of damage to furniture, floorboards and roof timbers, and it can take a little while before it is even spotted. Left untreated, wood can completely crumble and will need to be totally replaced, so ignoring signs can be very expensive.

There are four stages of the woodworm cycle

1. Egg - The mature female beetle lays eggs in the cracks and gaps of wood, usually when there is a bit of moisture present, so newer wood is very attractive to them. The eggs are tiny and hard to see so it is almost impossible to spot them at this stage.

Woodworm larvae2. Larvae - As soon as they hatch, the larvae burrow their way into the wood and they remain there for about two to five years. They slowly chew their way along inside the timbers weakening the structure as they go. At the end of this stage of their lives, the larvae get bigger and they work their way nearer the surface to pupate.

3. Pupate into a beetle - When they exit as a beetle, they break out of the timber leaving a small circular flight hole which is visible and this makes the marks most people can identify as woodworm infestation. There can be hundreds of these holes on a piece of wood.

4. Mate and lay eggs - Once they have matured into a beetle, they do no further damage to wood but look to mate and begin the cycle again. They live for about 4 weeks at this stage and may not go very far from the area they have just left, so re-infestation is highly possible.

How do I know if the woodworm is active?

Really old and dry wood with the telltale circular holes probably isn't active and the woodworm all left long ago. If there is dust or sawdust present around the holes, or they look really new and fresh, then there is an active woodworm infestation. To stop the wood from completely crumbling, immediate Oldham woodworm removal treatment must be carried out. Furniture could be ruined or floorboards become unsafe if action is not taken immediately.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingProfessional companies will be able to identify which kind of beetle larvae is present, and the most effective Oldham woodworm treatment spray to use. Young’s Pest control will asses the extent of the woodworm infestation and the best course of action to take.

Young’s can provide a discreet service which is quick, clean and thorough. Gives us a call, and make an appointment for a time that suits you. Our team can carry out Oldham woodworm treatment which your furniture will benefit from, so you can preserve antique pieces for years to come. Young’s can also use Oldham woodworm treatment spray on attic timbers and outbuilding structures.

So if you're looking for advice on whether an Oldham woodworm treatment is needed or the best treatment for woodworm removal in other timbers, Young's should be the first people you call.