Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Oldham Wasp Nest Removal Treatment

Summer is everyone's favourite season, with flourishing scenery, warm temperatures, bright days and long hazy nights. But with all these things come a few annoyances that, if not dealt with properly, can ruin the fun for everyone and escalate beyond control. Wasps. Everywhere. They start off as little niggles that soon become unbearable as they buzz around your drink, food and pester you while you are trying to relax. Before you know it, you have an entire family of wasps lodging in your back garden or attic, and getting rid of them yourself is an impossible task unless you want to spend a few days in A&E.

How the nest starts

wasp-nest-removal-300x199It is easy to miss the beginnings of a wasps nest altogether, as they typically begin as a fairy small affair, with the Queen carefully constructing the nest at her leisure. She creates the nest with larvae, baby wasps, in mind, usually making room for around 20 to 30 initially. This relatively small gathering, typical of the hornet wasp, can then over the summer months develop into something far greater as an insurgent army of adult wasps grow and the next begins to enlarge. Depending on environmental factors, by the height of summer the family of wasps in one particular next can exceed the thousands.

The hornet

Hornets are one of the most common wasps, and also the biggest. Not only does this make them doubly annoying, but they are also dangerous, too, with deadly stings which, while not fatal, can cause some serious pain and irritation for humans.

Identifying the nest

Most people discover wasps nests from noticing a sudden increase in wasps in a particular area, but it is worth knowing what to look out for so that you can keep an eye out for signs and seek Oldham wasp control as soon as possible. Often, nests are paper like in appearance, and the Queen chooses her location carefully, targeting sunny spots and places with holes, trees or under floors.

Oldham Wasp nest removal treatment

The earlier you arrange Oldham wasp control, the better, as the bigger the nest gets, the harder it will be for it to be eradicated entirely, and the longer the process will take. All wasps are dangerous, especially the hornet, so getting a professional that has the knowledge, experience and facilities to carry out safe and effective Oldham wasp removal treatment is crucial.