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Professional Oldham Grey Squirrel Control

What you Need to Know About Grey Squirrels

When we think of common pests, most people will picture cockroaches, rats, and even wasps. However, one very common pest that a lot of people are unaware of is the grey squirrel. You may think that they are cute, but the simple fact is that grey squirrels can do an untold amount of damage to your home. If you have found an infestation of squirrels, then you are definitely going to need to look into Oldham grey squirrel control. Here are a few of the risks.

Fire Hazards

Grey squirrel close upWhat many people may not realise is that squirrels will not simply just chomp on nuts. In fact, they will chew almost anything in their paths, and this includes electrical wires. The worrying thing is that you may not even realise that these wires have been chewed, and this is when it becomes a fire hazard. If you have noticed chewed wires, and evidence of a squirrel problem, then you should definitely be looking into professional Oldham grey squirrel control.

Damage to your property

Surprisingly, squirrels are actually fully capable of chewing not only through wires but also through pipes. If this happens, then there is the possibility that you may end up with leaking pipes. As anyone who has experienced a leak before will know, water damage can often be massively expensive to repair. If you have noticed any damage to the pipes in your property, then it is time to contact the squirrel removal team.

Damaged Ceilings

Grey squirrel pestThis is one of the most common dangers of a squirrel problem, yet one that very few people are aware of. If your squirrel problem is particularly bad, and there are a lot of them, then you run the risk of major damage to the ceilings in your home. This is because the urine from the squirrels will soak through the insulation, straight through to the ceiling. Again, you will need to call in our Oldham grey squirrel control team.

If you notice any evidence at all of a squirrel problem, then it is definitely wise to get in touch with the professional squirrel removal team. Oldham grey squirrel control will allow you to eradicate the squirrels from your home in a safe manner, allowing you to keep your home safe and damage free. Get in touch today to find out more information.