Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Nether Alderley Bumblebee Nest Removal

Most people are familiar with bumblebees. They're the giant, hairy bees that you often see flying around in the summertime. What many people don't know,Nether Alderley Nest Removal however, is that bumblebees can be pretty dangerous if they build a nest near your home. A bumblebee's nest can inhabit a small opening a few feet off the ground. This is a high traffic area for people going in and out of their houses, so it's essential to remove a bumblebee nest as soon as you notice it near your home.

What are the Dangers of Bumblebees?

Several dangers come with having a bumblebee nest near your home. First of all, bumblebees are very aggressive if they sense a threat to them or their hive. This applies especially to children who may accidentally disturb the nest or be too close to it when playing outside. Another danger is that bumblebees can cause severe allergic reactions in people, life-threatening. Finally, a bumblebee's sting is especially dangerous to anyone who has allergies to them, so it's essential to clear your property of any nests immediately.

What Should You Do if You Have a Bumblebee Nest Near Your Home?

Nether Alderley Bumblebee Nest RemovalA good thing to do if you have a bumblebees nest near your home is to contact a professional pest company to come and remove it. If you try to do the job yourself, you may make the problem worse or even get injured in the process. On the other hand, a professional can clear your property of any bumblebee nests for an affordable price, so it's certainly worth looking into if you have them on your home.

What areas do bumblebees nest in?

Nests of bumblebees can be found in a variety of places, including near your home. However, the most common sites are near rock walls, under decks, hollowed-out trees, etc.

As you can see, it's crucial to keep bumblebees away from your home and property if at all possible. They're dangerous and should be dealt with by a professional service. If you have any bumblebee nests near your home or would like more information on bumblebees, contact your local Nether Alderley Bumblebee Hive Removal company today.

Tree bumblebees are a species of bee that uses pith as nesting material. They are not considered aggressive, and they have a mild sting similar to that of bees. Tree bumblebees live in colonies of 100 to 300 bees. They are called tree bumblebees because they usually build their nests in small holes found in trees.

It is not possible to do it yourself when it comes to removing bumblebees from your property. WeNether Alderley Bumblebee Nest Removal will get rid of the bees quickly and safely. We want people to avoid being injured by trying something they're not qualified for! You don't need another pest infestation or any more colony destruction in your home. Let us handle those pesky bees so you can have peace of mind again today. Contact us now before the problem escalates out of control!