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Professional Mossley Rat Control Treatment

ratYoung's pest control are experienced providers of pest control treatments. Young's Pest Control is focused on competitive pricing and delivering a reliable and prompt service every single time. Whatever the nature of your rat problem we have a fast and effective pest control treatment to end it, protect your home and ensure it remains a hygienic and safe place.

Discrete And Friendly Service every time

We understand that a Mossley rat infestation can be a sensitive issue. You want to get rid of rats in your home but at the same time, you would prefer your neighbours and friends didn't know about your rat problem. That's why our friendly Mossley rat control technicians will arrive at your property in an unmarked van. That way no one else but you has to know that you need to get rid of rats.

Why Rats Must Be Taken Seriously

If you have a rat problem on your property is important that a pest control treatment is applied promptly. Rats are carriers of numerous diseases. Perhaps the most famous example of this is the bubonic plague. The fleas that were transported via rats are considered responsible for the spread of the plague which led to the death of millions of people in the middle ages. While the plague may no longer be an issue rats are still a major health risk. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis is a viral disease which can be transmitted through their urine and saliva rats. The underbelly of rats is coated with their own urine which means it spreads as the rat moves throughout your house. Rats can also be responsible for spreading Leptospirosis which can lead to kidney damage. Further complications from this disease include cardiovascular problems, liver and renal failure.

Brown RatHow Rats Can Ruin Your Home

Along with spreading diseases rats also cause damage to the physical property. Rats teeth continue to grow throughout their life. In order to keep their incisor teeth at a manageable length, they will continue to gnaw. This process grounds down the rat's teeth. Unfortunately, it also means rats can cause a massive amount of damage to your home and furniture. More worryingly, rats can also strip back wiring which can lead to electrical faults and even fires. Using a Mossley rat control service can be very cost-effective compared to the damage that an out of control rat infestation can cause.

Contact Young's Pest Control To Discuss Your Requirements

To discuss your Mossley rat control requirements in more detail call us today. One of our friendly customer representatives will determine the best approach to your rat infestation. Get rid of rats from your home as soon as possible so that your family isn't exposed to serious health problems. Our friendly technicians can end any rat problem swiftly and efficiently.