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Professional Mossley Mole Trapping and Control

Why choose us?

Mole in a molehillIn the economically shaky times we live in, it is understandable that you may be tempted to deal with your mole pest control problem yourself. However, when faced with an infestation, it is a widely shared professional opinion that investing in cheap, and possibly second rate pest control equipment may prove to be a gamble you can't afford. Market research has proven that DIY pest products can often contain insufficient quantities of insecticide and pesticide, a main active ingredient. At Young's Pest Control, we offer efficient, professional relief from all manner of pests found in the UK. Our professional team is trained for fast, effective mole control performed at your convenience, and our services come in a variety of Mossley mole trapping packages, affordable to all property owners.

About Moles

Mossley mole trapping is an essential step towards renovating landscape hit with an infestation. As vermin go, the majority of people have a very vague idea about the biology of moles, even scientists have limited knowledge. Moles are found widely across Europe, North America and even certain areas of Africa. The most frequently found species in the UK, the common mole, is usually twelve to eighteen centimetres long, with dark fur and a nearly hairless snout. Many biologists advocate theories suggesting that moles have electric and magnetic sensors in their nose, which allows them to navigate their dark, subterranean habitats. Without the application of competent Mossley mole trapping and control, these vermin can cause costly damage to gardens and large landscaping projects. They are mostly active in the early morning and at dusk, destroying lawns and leaving large, unsightly piles of the earth wherever they choose to make a home. This problem will only be exacerbated by inactivity or below-par pest control methods, as the average female mole gives birth to three to six young every year.

Our services

Full size moleAt Young's pest control, we conduct our Mossley mole trapping and control in a quick, convenient and humane manner. Our professional team will work discreetly and at your convenience, using fine, up to date equipment to deal with your infestation as soon as possible, and prevent any further damage. Once a well-used mole run has been identified, we carefully create a hole to accommodate a trap at the base of the run, then dispose of the trapped moles in a prompt and sanitary manner. Alternatively, if the situation demands it, the moles can be gassed with aluminium phosphide products.