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Professional Mossley Honey Bee Nest Removal Services

Honey Don't Be Nesting, In the Honey Bee Hive

  • Honey Bee HiveThere can be up to 40,000 in an average beehive at any given time.
  • The hive will mostly comprise of female or worker bees who will be the ones who collect the pollen and nectar and bring it back to the honeycombs for the larvae to eat.
  • The queen and a number of male or drone bees whose job it is to fertilize the queen and maintain the temperature of the hive will also live inside.
  • The males are normally kicked out of the hive in the summer months and left to fend for themselves.
  • This is when you are most at risk of being stung as the drones look for a place to live.
  • Only workers and the queen stay in the hive year-round!

What To Do

So if you see a honey bee swarm removal problem outside your home, shop or office back away slowly and call Young's Pest Control Services today and get the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with professional and friendly people who will deal with your problem quickly and discreetly. Honey bee control can be done while you are out for the day so that you and your family are not at risk of being stung and you can get on with your more enjoyable activities. Our online payment system can let you prepay and go about your day knowing that the Mossley honey bee nest removal is being done by the professionals.

The Rules About Bees

Honey bees are protected, however, if the hive or colony is in a hard to access place or poses a risk to human health and safety then Mossley honey bee nest removal is perfectly within your rights as a property owner. This law does not want you to suffer so that honey bees can live inside your eaves or garage or against your kitchen window under the roofline, that is why when honey bees prove to be a threat they can be gotten rid of safely and effectively with Young's Pest Control Services. Honey bee swarm removal is important when honey bees are too close to people and pets, and the most effective way of achieving that is using our Mossley honey bee nest removal services and getting your honey bee control back so that you are once again able to live safely with nature.

Honey Bee swarm in treeThe Swarm

Another reason why honey bees can pose is a risk is their ability to swarm, this is when they gather in very large numbers in an area and then migrate to a new home. It is possible for a swarm to attack a person or animal if it feels threatened or attacked. Multiple stings can cause serious health concerns to those affected, especially if the person has an allergy, is very young, or very old. Mossley honey bee nest removal is best when you call Young's Pest Control.