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Why use Young’s Pest Control for Mossley Grey Squirrel Control?

Grey squirrel pestGrey squirrels are officially classed as vermin by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 and are considered a pest for several reasons:
- they can nest in roofs and lofts and cause damage to houses. This damage can include the chewing of electrical wires which is obviously a major fire risk
- they eat the food put out in the garden for birds
- they eat birds' eggs and chicks
- they compete with our native red squirrels, completely eliminating them in most areas of the UK
- they harm trees by chewing their bark and eat acorns which prevents them from becoming oak trees
- they can transfer parasites such as fleas to domestic animals.

Although squirrels are an official pest it is illegal to kill them using methods that are deemed to cause unnecessary suffering to the animal and attempting to dispose of the animals yourself could result in prosecution and a fine of up to £1500. For this reason alone it is best to bring in an expert company such as Young’s Pest Control to deal with your Mossley grey squirrel control.

Should I attempt squirrel removal myself?
Grey squirrel close up
In short, no. It is very difficult to effectively deal with a squirrel problem yourself because standard equipment such as mouse traps is ineffective at catching them and specialised traps are needed. Mossley grey squirrel control can often be a tricky operation involving accessing the deepest, darkest recesses of lofts, roofs and trees which is another good reason to call in the experts.

It is also illegal to cause unnecessary suffering to squirrels and there have been convictions in the UK. At Young’s Pest Control we know exactly how to legally deal with squirrel removal.

How do we deal with squirrels?
We specialise in Mossley grey squirrel control involving live traps. We can quickly and efficiently remove nuisance squirrels from your home with a minimum of fuss and suffering.

As well as Mossley grey squirrel control we also deal with bees and wasps, rats and mice, moles, birds and insect infestations such as moths and cockroaches, In fact, if it moves we can probably deal with it. Some animals, such as bats, cannot be legally removed in which case we can offer advice on how to deal with the pest within the boundaries of the law.

We offer a 24-hour service and use discreet, unmarked vans to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment.