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Professional Mossley Bed Bug Treatment

A bed bug is a tiny insect that survives by secretly sucking blood from humans and other mammals. There are many bed bug species in the UK with the Cimex Lectularis (Common bed bug) being the commonest. It is found in the home as it feeds exclusively on human blood.

Bed bug habitat

Bed bugs are attracted by the heat and carbon dioxide produced by people as they sleep. They can be found in soft furnishings, carpets, rugs, and bedding. They also love cracks and crevices of bedroom furniture, bed frames, headboards, and timber floorboards.

How to identify bed bug infestation:

Bed Bug• A live bed bug – This is a sure sign that there are many other bugs in the home.
• A line of red, itchy, bumps on the skin.
• Blood stains on pillowcases or bed sheets.
• Bed bug shed skin, egg shells, or faecal spots around the home.
• A musty, offensive odour in the house, produced by their scent glands.

Problems caused by bed bug infestation:

• Bed bugs interfere with sleep and thus affect the victims’ quality of life.
• A prolonged infestation could cause psychological problems such as inferiority complex.
• The offensive odour they produce can be very irritating.
• The spots they leave make bedding, bedroom furniture, and walls look unsightly.
• They cause severe skin irritation and pain when they bite people.
• Their bites can cause allergic reactions and skin rashes.

Why do-it-yourself bed bug control might backfire:

• Bed bugs reproduce rapidly and hide all over the home, making it difficult to know all their hiding places.
• Bed bug removal using conventional pesticides and bed bug fumigation may backfire as these pests have gradually become resilient to such products and treatments.
• Professional Mossley bed bug treatment methods have to be combined with bed bug fumigation and other conventional methods for lasting results.

Why professional bed bug control is recommended:

bedbug• Professional Mossley bed bug treatment firms have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and experience to deal with the problem effectively and efficiently.
• They survey the entire home to understand the degree of infestation and decide on a lasting solution.
• They usually combine professional methods with conventional methods to eradicate the bed bugs.
• They can access advanced, pest control products that an ordinary homeowner cannot access.
• They offer advice on how to avoid a recurrence of the problem.

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