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The Importance of Quick Milnrow Woodworm Treatment

When it comes to destructive pests that can invade a home, woodworm is close to the top of the list. This means that early intervention with a powerful Milnrow woodworm treatment spray is essential to get rid of this insect and minimise the damage they can cause. The most effective measures for dealing with a woodworm infestation are available through a professional pest control contractor, with Young’s Pest Control being a company that property owners can hire to receive expert treatment for woodworm removal.


Woodworm forms a part of the life cycle of a few different species of beetle, with some of these including the following.

  • Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingCommon Furniture Beetle: This is responsible for much of the damage caused by woodworm in UK buildings. The beetle is around 3 to 4mm in length and chocolate brown in colour.
  • Death Watch Beetle: These prefer wood suffering from fungal decay and are more usually found in older buildings. They can grow to around 5 to 7mm and are a dark reddish brown.
  • Powder Post Beetle: This typically infests hardwood species, with the beetle having a red/brown colouring and being around 4 to 7mm in length.

The adults of these beetles will lay eggs on wood, with the woodworm that emerge capable of boring into an object to feed.

Woodworm Infestation Problems

The problems caused by woodworm revolve around the destruction they are capable of and without proper Milnrow woodworm treatment on furniture, joists, roof beams, floorboards, and other wood features in a property can be ruined. This is especially serious if structural parts of a building suffer extensive woodworm damage and in the worst cases, this can result in collapse.

Spotting the Signs

Because woodworm tunnel deep inside a wooden object, an infestation may not always be apparent at first. The sight of dead beetles in a property can be a warning sign although it will likely require professional assistance to accurately identify them. Other things to look out for are wood surfaces pockmarked with tiny holes. This is a sign that adult beetles have emerged and that more woodworm may still be present. As beetles emerge they produce what is known as bore dust and this can generally be seen below an infested object. If any of these signs are spotted it is better to be safe than sorry and call in a professional Milnrow woodworm treatment spray.

Advantages of Professional Treatment for Woodworm Removal

Woodworm larvaeThe major advantage of hiring professional assistance is the expertise they offer in dealing with an infestation. It is essential to kill off an entire population to make sure it does not re-establish itself. Young’s Pest Control provides the effective Milnrow woodworm treatment for furniture, floorboards, joists, and other wooden items need to eradicate them of this destructive pest. We can undertake an initial inspection to identify the full extent of the problem, the type of beetle, and then employ powerful insecticides that will target the pest to completely rid it from a building.

If you suspect that a woodworm infestation is present in your home then it pays not to delay seeking professional help. The earlier you contact us the quicker we can eradicate the pest and the less damage it will cause.