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Professional Milnrow Rat Control

Amongst the vast diversity of pests, rats rightfully occupy a central place – their presence in the human environment is associated with multiple health risks, structural damages and household hazards. They crave warmth, food and the availability of materials they can chew and bite on with their long, strong, sharp front teeth. That is why they are naturally drawn to invading human habitats – which, by their purpose, fulfil all those needs.
Brown Rat
Milnrow rat infestation can typically be found in:
• Attics, basements and cellars
• Pantries and food storage spaces, underneath kitchen cupboards
• Walls and cavities
• Underneath floorboards
• Underneath skirting boards.

Rats breed energetically, and if there are enough food and room available, they become first an audible (producing sounds of scratching) and then a visible presence on the premises in a short space of time.

The dangers associated with rat infestation are manifold:
• They are known carriers of many diseases and infections. They leave in their tracks droppings, urine, grease, saliva – all responsible for the spreading of contamination in the environment we share
• Their chewing and nibbling can cause damage to electric wires and PVC plumbing, thus contributing to fire hazards and water leakages
• In their permanent quest to reach food or water, they can gnaw and bite through walls, causing considerable structural damage. The growing rat colony will eventually be destructive to flooring, rafters, support beams, ceilings.

Dealing with rat infestation:
To get rid of rats, the educated, well-informed approach is to immediately contact the professional pest control service upon discovering the infestation.

Approaching the problem with substandard, domestic, inexpert measures will only exacerbate it. Poison and traps rarely work as rats like familiarity and are consistent in their choice of routes. They would ignore new things on their path. A poison may tackle one or two rats but will do nothing to a significant population. The only permanent comprehensive treatments are those provided by Milnrow rat control services.

ratOur qualified Milnrow rat control specialists will get rid of rats by:
- Looking and assessing the situation as a whole
- Offering the most effective pest control treatment
- Provide advice and information on securing and rat-proofing the premises against further invasions

The advantages of enlisting the services of professionals in pest control treatment are:
- They will provide safe treatment competently
- Cost-effectiveness in the long run – as the problem will be eradicated at the root, rather than repeatedly re-emerging because of poor, inconclusive handling
- Stress-free treatment – saving you a lot of anxiety and restoring your sense of wellbeing.