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Quality Milnrow Grey Squirrel Control Services

Grey squirrel infestations are one of the most common pest situations encountered in the UK. However, removing them can be more difficult than many people realize. It is important to use the services of a registered Milnrow grey squirrel control service to ensure that is done within complete accordance of the law.

How To End A Grey Squirrel Infestation

Grey squirrel pestSquirrels are protected by the law throughout the UK. The means that the grey squirrel must not be damaged during its relocation. At the same time leaving the grey squirrel in place is unwise. While these creatures are often admired for their cute appearance they can pose more danger than many people realize. Squirrels tendency to chew through cabling, pipes and wires can lead to expensive repairs and weakening of the building structure. In some cases, the resulting frayed and worn wires may lead to potential fire risk. This is why a grey squirrel infestation should never be ignored.

Using The Right Equipment To End Your Infestation

In order to safely undertake grey squirrel removal on your property, you should call Young's Pest Control. Our trained technicians have the skills and equipment to remove the squirrels from your home in a way which meets the requirements set by the law. We use live bait trap which will allow the squirrel to be humanely moved to a new location.

Detecting A Grey Squirrel Problem

Grey squirrel on benchOften the first indication that you may have an issue with grey squirrels is the sound of scratching, footsteps or other sounds. These sounds will usually be heard from beneath the floorboards or inside of the attic of the property. The grey squirrel can be identified by the grey fur and relatively small ear tufts. They also have a slightly larger build than the red squirrel. Grey squirrels also have a large bushy tail which sits over their back.

Professional And Safe Grey Squirrel Pest Control

Young's Pest Control technicians will arrive at your property in unbranded work vehicles for your squirrel removal. Throughout the Milnrow grey squirrel control process they will be discrete while keeping you informed as to what is taking place. Young's Pest Control technicians are fully vetted and certified for Milnrow grey squirrel control. Call Young's Pest Control today so that you can enjoy your home once again free from your grey squirrel infestation.