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Middleton Mole Trapping - Leave it to Young's!

Mole control, if done at home, can be a tedious and ineffective task. These pests live underground, meaning that it can be weeks or months before you see one, if at all. Most of the time, they will simply leave a trail of destruction without making themselves visible at all. However, Young's Pest Control can help with Middleton mole trapping and control in a professional and effective manner.

Signs of A Mole Infestation

Mole moundThe most obvious, and common, sign of a mole problem in the garden is the presence of large mounds of earth in your garden. These are the end results of them burrowing through the lawn. These are very often accompanied by raised tracks in the lawn; the signs of a mole testing the garden for suitability. Often, these tunnels will lay unused until picked up by another mole, so proper Middleton mole trapping and control is necessary to ensure you do not simply invite more into your garden.

Effects of a Mole Problem

The effects of a mole problem are not necessarily dangerous; they are more incredibly inconvenient. For any garden lover, their constant burrowing makes the lawn look hideous, and weakens the soil, meaning that the lawn can eventually sink where tunnels have been made underneath.

In rare cases, they have been known to bite humans when challenged.

Effective Mole Control

Mole in a molehillDIY methods of mole control can be long, arduous, and inhumane. Middleton mole trapping is one of the methods often used, which, if done by the homeowner, can cause great pain and suffering for the mole. An expert pest controller really is the only sure-fire way of ensuring that the problem is dealt with effectively, but also humanely. Middleton mole trapping may not even be necessary; it may be a case of identifying the problem and employing preventative measures rather than killing the pests unnecessarily.

Our experts will be able to make an informed decision as to which treatment is best for your specific circumstances, and we are registered with The Guild of British Molecatchers, meaning we have passed stringent checks to ensure we operate within guidelines. This means that one call means no home treatments are necessary; we will take care of the problem from start to finish.