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Expert Middleton Grey Squirrel Control

These Cute Little Animals Can Cause All Kinds of Problems!

Grey squirrel control in the UK is a contentious issue; many prefer to have these cute looking creatures running around their garden and trees. But for those on the receiving end of their work, they can cause misery and great inconvenience. They can turn attics and gardens into noisy areas where burrowing noises can be heard day and night, and droppings are often left, causing health risks for those in the house.

Whilst they appear cute, squirrels when cornered can be aggressive in nature and have bitten humans that have approached them. This, of course, means that diseases and bacteria could well be carried by squirrels. Middleton grey squirrel control will ensure that you don't need to put yourself, your family or customers in any kind of danger whilst the problem is eradicated.

Signs of a grey squirrel problem

  • Grey squirrel close up'Scampering' noises in lofts and unused rooms
  • Droppings around the areas where they are nesting
  • Increased squirrel presence in the garden
  • Damage to walls and furniture

If you notice any of the above, squirrel removal may be necessary for your home. This is where Young's Pest Control can help. Middleton grey squirrel control is a job left to the professionals so that you don't fall foul of the law, and so that the squirrels are dealt with humanely. We will be able to:

  • Lay down the appropriate traps
  • Remove the dead pests
  • Provide preventative advice

Grey squirrel pestSquirrel removal is only one step of the process; they'll often leave a trail of faeces, food waste and other dead squirrels in the area where they have been nesting. It is important that this is cleared away once our experts have been in, in order to prevent the faeces and waste attracting other unpleasant pests back into the building.

Middleton grey squirrel control need not be a stressful affair; Young's can attend any time of the day or night to suit and will work around your current work or home routines, to ensure that you don't have to temporarily vacate your home or close the office. Our unmarked vans ensure complete discretion at all times, to save embarrassment, and in commercial and business settings, to ensure those who are opposed to Middleton grey squirrel control need not know.

One call to Young's and we will sort the problem for you.