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Our Mellor Pest Control Team Is Ready to Make a Difference for You and Your Property 

 Invasive pests are a major problem for property Mellor Pest Controlowners across the U.K. The Mellor area is no exception to this issue. When district residents and property owners are looking for the top Mellor pest control experts, they call our team at Young’s Pest Control. 


 The reality is that regardless of your best efforts, invasive pests can still become a problem for you and your property. When this occurs, you must choose professional intervention as opposed to trying to take on the job yourself. Our team at Young's Pest control is fully qualified and insured and we bring our years of experience in the industry with us to every job. You can rely on our team to provide a prompt response time when you call upon us to help you out with your pest control needs.

These Are Some of Our Key Pest Control Services

 The professional pest control services that we offer here at Young's Pest Control include:

  • Bedbug Control
  • Removal of Ant Infestations
  • Flea Treatments
  • Bee and Wasp Nest Removal Treatment
  • Mice & Rat Control
  • Squirrel Control 


Mellor Wasp nest removalWhen you are experiencing any of these issues at your home or commercial property, it is time to pick up the phone to ring us here at Young's Pest Control so that we can get to work helping you get rid of the invasive pests that are causing you stress.

Professional Rodent Control

 Rodents are a major pest problem in the U.K. for many reasons. We provide mice & rat control services that are designed to help you get these pests out of your property. It is no secret that mice and rats can spread disease through their droppings and they can get into your food stores are quickly destroy them. Whether you are a homeowner or you run a commercial business, rats and mice can cause you a lot of problems, but our team at Young's Pest Control has the solution. 


 We are also the Mellor area's leading grey squirrel Mellor mice & rat controlremoval experts. If you are dealing with property damage and noise problems caused by these invasive squirrels, calling our pest control experts is the smart move.

Stinging Insect Control

 We are the leading team for bee and wasp nest removal treatment at Young's Pest Control. Getting stung by these insects is a painful situation. The problem is made even worse for those that suffer from severe allergies to stings. When you contact our team, we will come to your location to effectively remove the nests of honey bees, bumblebees, and wasps. 

Bedbug and Flea Treatment

Mellor bed bugs treatmentIf you are dealing with problems caused by invasive insects such as bedbugs and fleas, our team is ready to get to work for you. No one wants to deal with constantly getting bit by these pests but our team knows how to use proven methods to ensure that your property becomes free of fleas and bedbugs.

Signs of a Pest Problem

 There are some key signs that you can look for that indicate you have a pest problem that requires the attention of our professional experts. These signs include:

  • You can actively see the pests
  • You regularly find droppings
  • There are nests in and around your property
  • You regularly find dead bugs in your property
  • You notice strange smells and sounds

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 Reach out to our team at Young's Pest Control today by calling us on 0161 776 9832 or on 07845 815 261. Our reliable pest control experts can provide you with a 24-hour response as well as the value of our Mellor Pest Controlprofessional and fully insured treatment services. We are dedicated to offering you an affordable price for the services that we provide. Give us a call today for your free quote. We are ready to help you return your property to normal by getting rid of the invasive pests that are causing you stress and hardship.