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Marple Woodworm Treatment Options

Catch Them Early, Save Your Furniture!

Treatment for woodworm removal is fairly straightforward when left to the experts. However, early detection is key, as a woodworm infestation will often not make itself known until it has done quite noticeable (and possibly irreversible) damage to floors, furniture and beams.

Signs of A Woodworm Infestation

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm Damage

If you are to use a Marple woodworm treatment on furniture in the first instance, then it is unlikely that a woodworm infestation will be a problem any time in the near future (although that is no guarantee.) However, the signs are quite noticeable; holes in the wood will appear where the woodworm make their way out to breed, typically between May and September. You may not ever see the pests; woodworm is a general term and can cover many different species, some of which will stay in the wood for several years at a time. Another telltale sign is frass; a powdery wood residue that can be found around the bottom and back of the affected area. This is where the pests have already made their way out and left the frass in the process. The other main sign of an infestation is visibly weakened, brittle and damaged woodwork, As with any pest, you may well also find dead woodworm in or around the affected areas.

Dangers of Woodworm

The main, immediate threat of an infestation is damage to furniture. If Marple woodworm treatment is used on furniture after finding the problem, it may be too late. Structural damage may also be a very real possibility; old houses have lots of wooden beams, making the problem a safety-related one. However, new houses can just as easily be affected.

All pests such as woodworm inhabit dirty areas and often live alongside other pests. Therefore the other knock-on effect is the possibility of contamination with bacteria. The pests carry these on their skin and in their faeces, so if they shed or die in your home, they leave around a very dangerous trail.

What Should I Do?

The best course of action is to call an expert, such as Young's Pest Control. Our expert staff can assess the extent of the problem, and tailor the treatment for woodworm removal accordingly. It may not be a simple case of Marple woodworm treatment spray all over the house; experts may, in turn, need to be called if structural damage is suggested, and there are many different species under the 'woodworm' banner, requiring differing treatments.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingDo not attempt a basic treatment yourself. Marple woodworm treatment spray is unpredictable, insecticide heavy and can often just make the house smell, without achieving the desired effect. If you call the experts, our treatments are from tried, tested and safe methods, which will mean only one phone call, rather than having to try the same treatments over and over. We will also look to exterminate any larvae, ensuring that the problem doesn't just present itself again further down the line. A preventative, tailored and proactive approach is needed, which is where Young's Pest Control can help.