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Professional Marple Mole Trapping

Young's Pest Control provides a local and professional Marple mole trapping and control solution to an infestation that can otherwise be a long term problem for gardeners, farmers and other landowners. As well as unsightly damage to lawns, borders and fields, moles can create precarious situations for both people and animals if their presence is not dealt with. It is important to seek professional mole pest control as early as possible before the problem increases.

Mole in a molehillAlthough moles generally live a solitary existence, it may not seem like this to a keen gardener. They are hugely productive workers, being able to burrow over 4 metres every hour and whole tunnel systems can be hundreds of metres long. The appearance of the familiar molehill is only an indication of the intricate web of tunnels underground, some close to ground level, others, which are used for nesting being slightly deeper at about 20cm below the surface.

Marple mole trapping should be carried out professionally to maximise long term success - mole control will tackle a variety of problems caused by this species, for instance:

- moles are prolific feeders being able to consume over half their weight in earthworms each night leading to difficulties for gardeners in maintaining the health of their soil for which earthworms are important;

- unsightly mole hills not only cause damage to lawns and sports fields but in garden borders, they disrupt the root systems of plants and bushes leading to growth problems;

- underground tunnelling can quickly cause subsidence leading to unforeseen accidents caused to people, livestock or even vehicles;

- expensive damage to machineries such as mowers and farm implements can be caused after stones have been thrown to the surface during tunnelling;

Full size mole- in areas where livestock is kept, ground disruption and the toxic droppings of moles pass infection, in particular, listeriosis, which is carried by moles, into the food chain of grazing animals. Professional Marple mole trapping and control is therefore important for farmers to consider.

It is estimated that the population of the UK's moles has recently increased due to the mild winter in 2013/14 and with each litter producing around four new moles it is a problem which will continue to need expert help.

Young's Pest Control is an experienced pest control company able to provide an affordable and local Marple mole trapping service and also advise customers on measures to reduce the chance of further infestations.