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Young's Pest Control for Marple Grey Squirrel Control

Grey Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, the infestation is an alarming and discomforting matter faced by homeowners.

Grey squirrel close upGrey squirrels can enter homes through:
-Open eaves
-Holes in the wall
-Chimney stacks
-Holes in the roof
-Broken windows

Once inside the home, grey squirrels can build their nests within walls as well as roofs. (The insulation in the roof is an ideal material which is utilized by grey squirrels to build their nests.)

There is a significant amount of damage that these pests can generate. Grey squirrels can build their nests in chimney stacks and as a result, potentially pose a fire hazard. Not only that but grey squirrels can chew electric cables and another wiring which can result in a devastating fire. They can cause damage to the extent that a builder or roofer is required once they have been removed. The most horrid aspect of a squirrel infestation is that most home insurers will not cover the damage caused by these pests. As a result, a significant amount of monetary damage can be caused, and the individual responsible for repairs will be the homeowner. Therefore early Marple grey squirrel control and squirrel removal are extremely important in preventing such an immense amount of damage.

Grey squirrel pestThese pests are quite noisy and tend to produce scratching noises, which will disrupt the solitude of those living within the home. Grey squirrels have adapted to urban food and are as a result able to digest human food.

These pests can carry viral diseases such as parapox. They also carry fleas which can be transferred to pets in the home. Although these creatures may appear to be cute, they can attack and bite humans if they feel they are being threatened in any way. Consequently, Marple grey squirrel control is vital in living in a safe home which is free of disease.

Squirrel removal may result in re-infestation at some point further down the road. Thus, squirrel proofing may be required by professionals. As a result, Marple grey squirrel control is extremely important in permanently getting rid of squirrels within homes. A professional pest control service can help homes in getting rid of these pests. Young’s Pest Control can help with Marple grey squirrel control. Young's Pest Control can help homes achieve a clean and safe environment which is devoid of grey squirrels. Call Young's Pest Control now and get professionals to rid your home of grey squirrels.