Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Safe And Effective Marple BumbleBee Control

If you are looking for a professional Marple bumblebee control service then you need Young's Pest Control. We are the experts in identifying and removing the entire bumblebee colony from your home, garden or business property. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Young's Pest Control for your Marple bumblebee control needs.

* Experienced and fully trained technicians
* Discrete, unmarked vehicles to ensure your privacy
* Weekday and weekend service available
* Same day Marple bumble bee removal
* Payment by credit and debit card available

Tree BumbleBees Take Up Home In UK Gardens

During Spring and Summer BumbleBees become a frequent sight in gardens and homes throughout the United Kingdom. While bumblebees are viewed as a less harmful species than hornets or wasps, a bumblebee colony makes it much harder for us to enjoy our own garden and other outdoor areas. Tree Bumblebees which are growing in number are a particular nuisance. Tree bumblebee drones like to hover around the hive while they wait for the queen to emerge.

Why Tree Bumblebee Nests Are Easy To Disturb

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

Tree bumblebees are sensitive to vibrations or disturbances of their nest. There have been instances of people closing a shed door or accidentally knocking a wall that has housed a tree bumblebee hive, which has caused them to swarm. While male tree bumblebees are not able to sting, the female tree bumblebee is. Stings from the tree bumblebee can be very painful and the female is able to sting more than once without injuring herself. Stings from the bumblebee can be very dangerous if they occur around the throat or if the recipient has an allergic reaction. If you have detected a tree bumblebee nest on your property you should not try to treat it yourself using a store bought treatment.

The Correct Way To Remove A BumbleBee Nest

These treatments can aggravate the hive and cause them to attack. The treatments may also contain insecticides which are harmful to small children and animals. Marple bumblebee removal should only ever be handled by a bumblebee control specialist. They can ensure that the nest removal process is safe for you and your family, and humane for the bumblebee colony. Marple bumblebee nest removals can be performed during a single day and you do not need to be present when the specialist Marple bumblebee control technicians visit your property.

Young's Pest Control Is Here To Help

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