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Professional Marple Bed Bug Treatment Services

Bed bugs are among the most dreaded pests in any home, and you may be wondering why. Well, these little creepy pests do not just feed on your blood and cause terrible itching on the skin, but eradicating them is also close to impossible. In fact, the insects are becoming resistant to most home bed bug control methods.

How to detect bed bugs

Bed BugIt is easy to identify bed bugs and initiate professional Marple bed bug treatment immediately, as long as you know how they look. Feeling itchy or seeing a flying insect in your bedroom shouldn’t give you conclusive evidence on the presence of bed bugs in your home. Even though bed bugs cause itching and allergic reactions to some people, they neither fly nor jump. Actually, these bloodsucking pests have no wings thereby making it unnecessary for you to enlist the services of Marple bed bug treatment professionals if the insect you saw can fly.

The only time you can be sure of the infestation is when you spot small, flat, oval and brownish insects. The colour may, however, vary from white to burnt orange, depending on the type of bed bug. Briefly, there are two main types of bed bugs in the UK; the Common Bed bug and Martin Bed bug. While the former lives in our homes, the latter is found in birds’ nests but they can still bite humans. Professional bed bug control therefore mostly entails dealing with the Common Bed bug.

Here are some of the key indicators to the presence of bed bugs in your home:
• Spotting blood on your beddings.
• Finding their eggs (usually opaque or whitish in colour)
• Finding their excrement (mostly brown spots) on your mattress.
• Spotting a bed bug during the day (another sign of a heavy infestation that demands immediate bed bug fumigation).

Can bed bugs transmit diseases?

bedbugContrary to what many may think, the effect of bed bugs on your health is only limited to skin irritation. In other words, they do not transmit any known disease even though they can bite different persons. You may, however, have to call Marple bed bug treatment experts since these pests can deny you sleep.

 Finding professional Marple bed bug treatment

The fact that you may still have bed bugs in your home even after observing proper hygiene is worrying. Bed bug treatment through home remedies is nowadays ineffective as the pests have become resistant to some insecticides. All you need is a professional exterminator like Young’s Pest Control to handle your Marple bed bug treatment needs if you live in Manchester and its environs.