Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
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Manchester BumbleBee Control Treatments

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

Have you noticed a new type of bumblebee in or around your property, or perhaps you’ve noticed bumblebees entering and exiting your bird boxes? You could have a tree bumblebee nest on your property, which may require Manchester bumblebee removal. Call us today, we can assist you with identifying the species of bumblebee and offer advice as to any further Manchester bumblebee control that might be needed.

Tree BumbleBees

Tree bumblebees are a particularly aggressive species of bumblebee that has arrived on our shores from Continental Europe. You should be able to recognise them from the difference in their appearance to our native bumble bees. With their redhead, black abdomen and white tail they certainly do stand out. They also do not behave the same as our beloved native bumblebee who plod along collecting their pollen, never much-bothering anybody, tree bumblebees are aggressive and will sting, quite frankly as often as they like. They have a particular fondness of building their nests in our bird boxes, often ousting any birds who had previously been living there and they will protect these nests vehemently. You should also be aware that these bumblebees sometimes build their nests in the soffits of our houses.

Should I just remove my bird box?

If tree bumblebees have nested in your bird box, do not attempt to remove it. These bumblebees will sting and they have the ability to sting over and over again, precautions need to be taken when approaching them. You should also never attempt to use a shop bought insecticide on the nest, they may not be strong enough to do the job and may only serve to aggravate the bumblebees. To discuss Manchester bumblebee control, please call us. We have the equipment and knowledge that will keep us and you safe as we go about our business of Manchester bumblebee removal.

What service do you offer?

Bumble Bee Bumble Bee

When you call us we will make an appointment to visit your property in order to identify the species of bumblebee that you are dealing with and to draw up an action plan for Manchester bumblebee control. We will sit down with you to discuss our plan before any work is carried out and will offer comprehensive advice as to any precautions that might need to be taken by your family if we need to use insecticides. With your approval, we will then go ahead and carry out Manchester bumble bee nest removal in a safe and timely manner.