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Professional Littleborough Rat Control: Things to Keep in Mind

Brown RatYour wiring cable has been chewed and destroyed. This can only mean one thing. There are rats in your home. The best thing to do if you suspects the rodents are in your house is call experts who offer Littleborough rat control services.

Identifying rats
There are two main types of rats in the UK. These are the brown rat, also known as the common rat and the black rat. You may not know this but the black rat was responsible for spreading the bubonic plague that killed millions of people. It is important that you hire professionals to help you identify and get rid of rats.

Facts about rats
Rats are gnawing animals. They can chew on almost anything with their front teeth including wood, power cables, clothing and foodstuffs causing damage and loss. It is important to note that their front teeth never stop growing. This means that they also never stop gnawing and destroying things in your home.

Breeding habits
One thing you should know about rats is that they reproduce very fast. Both the black and brown rats can have between 3 and 6 litters in a year. The litter can have anywhere from 3 to 8 little mice which will be ready to reproduce after 11 weeks. What this means is that you are likely to have a rat infestation if you do not act fast. It can be hard dealing with a rat infestation so you should call professionals who offer Littleborough rat control services the moment you suspect there could be rats in your home.

ratSafety comes first
You should not wait until there is a Littleborough rat infestation to deal with the problem. Rats are a hazard and should not be anywhere near your home. For starters, they cause diseases. Rat bite fever, Weil's disease, dysentery, typhoid, lymphatic meningitis, leptospirosis and plague are some of the diseases caused or spread by rats. The feeding habits of the rodents are also destructive. They gnaw on electrical cables which can cause a fire hazard and they destroy food and clothing. Only professionals know which pest control treatment to use to safely get rid of rats.

Littleborough Rat control
You should definitely hire experts if you have a rodent problem. They understand rodent behaviour and know which pest control treatment to use. The benefit of using professional services is that in addition to helping you get rid of the rodents, they will give advice on how to prevent these pests and others from coming into your home.