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Moles are small burrowing creatures with furry bodies. Their eyes and ears are small, but their forelimbs are very powerful as they use them in digging numerous underground tunnels. These tunnels are created while in search of food, and at times mates during the mating seasons.

The kinds of destruction caused by moles

Mole moundMoles are classified as pests for a good reason. They can cause much damage to the roots of crops and trees through their underground movements. This basically deprives such plants off their ability to absorb nutrients and water from the ground. They, in turn, wither and die. Therefore, Littleborough mole trapping and control has to be exercised quickly in affected areas in order to prevent such damage that can in turn amount to huge losses.

Farms are however not the only places affected by these pests. Golf courses or perfectly maintained lawns are also potential damage sites if mole control is not exercised. Young’s Pest Control, however, ensures that moles, once confirmed as existing in a given area, do not spread to other unaffected regions. Homeowners can therefore always call Young's experts whenever they discover mole signs in their backyards. These services are offered at one’s most preferable time in order to prevent any inconvenience.

Moles’ main habitat

The fact that moles live underground makes Littleborough mole trapping a little bit trickier. These pests have a high tolerance for carbon dioxide thereby making it possible for them to live in underground places where other animals would normally not survive. By adapting to their environment, they can stay underground for long periods of time without fresh air. However, they have to come up to the surface at some point in order to inhale some oxygen that they will then utilize whilst underground.

A professional way to deal with a mole infestation

Mole in a molehillYoung’s Pest Control goes about mole pest control in the most humane way possible. Our Littleborough mole trapping devices are specially made to ensure that the animals do not suffer once trapped. This is made possible by the innovative design of some of our traps. Moles are also highly vulnerable to shock, and we make use of this in our traps. Once the mole is trapped, just enough shock will be administered in order to stop its heart. This kills the mole instantly and ensures that it does not suffer unnecessarily.

Always call Young's Pest Control when in need of professional mole pest control. This not only rids you of your pest problem permanently but also ensures that you professionally and economically solve the issue.