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Professional Littleborough Grey Squirrel Control

The grey squirrel is a highly successful species. They are active all year round and contrary to popular belief, they do not hibernate. They have a voracious appetite to fuel their boundless energy and consume copious amounts of food to enable their activity. Littleborough grey squirrel control, done by the trained professionals at Young's pest control can help reduce their numbers.

Grey squirrel pestA brief pregnancy of around 44 days can yield up to 6 offspring. These are in turn able to reproduce after reaching maturity at around 11 months. Combined with the favourable conditions of the British Isles, and the dearth of natural predators, the population can boom to epic proportions in a short period of time. This rapid rate of growth feeds a need for effective squirrel removal techniques.

It is easy to overlook the damage caused by the grey squirrel. They are very cute and most people don't work in agriculture or even spend much time in the countryside. Despite their appearance, however, they are very destructive. In an agricultural setting, they wreak havoc in fruit trees, feeding on buds and immature fruit. In the autumn, they clamber through heavily-laden apple trees, knocking fruit to the ground.

Squirrels even pose a threat to native fauna. It is not uncommon for them to feed on the eggs of our native bird species. Decimating populations and wiping out generations. They also compete with indigenous species on a dietary level. Their vast numbers and hearty appetites mean that they get the lion's share of any nuts and berries before other species get the chance. They can chew through the husk of nuts that other species would leave alone. Littleborough grey squirrel control frees up resources for British species to thrive.

Grey squirrel close upAny attempts at Littleborough grey squirrel control should be undertaken by a trained professional. To be as humane as possible, it is important that any exterminator should have the relevant experience with squirrel removal. The arboreal nature of the grey squirrel makes it a difficult pest to target. They are very fast and agile. Young's pest control know the habits of the grey squirrel, and we have the right tools, coupled with a wealth of knowledge. Littleborough grey squirrel control is not easy. Doing the job properly is essential if you are to stay on top of the problem. Knowing the sources of infestation and removing the causes is something that our staff can help you with.