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Professional Littleborough Ant Infestation Removal

There are thousands of species of ants found all over the world but in the UK, there are only about fifty species which have been able to thrive. Some of the common species found here are the Common Black Garden Ant, Red Wood Ant and Yellow Meadow Ant.

Some known facts about ants

Black ant-> Ants live in colonies and the number of members depends on the species. Worker ants in their thousands in a single colony is a normal occurrence.

-> Ant nests are composed of queen ants who lay eggs, worker ants who do all the work, male ants whose job is to mate, eggs, larvae and pupae.

-> Ants eat almost all kinds of vegetating matter, insects, meat, sweet items. In short, almost everything that humans eat, and quite some that we don't.

-> Ants usually thrive in warm weather but can attack your home at any time, depending on the species. For example, flying ant infestation usually takes place in late summer.

Why ants are pests

-> Since ants work in their thousands, they can systematically take over an entire home. Once there is an ant infestation, it is very hard to get rid of them.

-> Unless Littleborough ant infestation removal is carried out, they can destroy a garden by eating all the new seeds, preying on the plants and reducing germination.

-> Ant infestation in the house has been known to affect the electrical installations. Since ants attack the wiring and destroy them, ant control treatment is essential in these cases to avoid extensive damage.

-> The stinging from some ants can be painful. But though it can be harmless, ant stings can also lead to diseases, allergies and might sometimes even require hospitalisation.

Littleborough ant infestation removal and prevention

Ants-> Ant control treatment consists of several steps: identify the nest, identify the ant species, use a species-appropriate method to get rid of the ant infestation, and undertake preventive measures.

-> Young’s Pest Control can help you deal with an ant infestation in house and garden and get rid of the pests. Our experts are well trained and knowledgeable in dealing with different ant species, including flying ant infestation.

-> We use effective products that will ensure that ants do not immediately return. We also use effective techniques to remove ant nests and colonies.

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