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Professional Little Lever Rat Control

What is the problem with rats?

Opportunist rats are drawn to areas of human activity because of the chance of shelter, as well as the presence of food and water. When rats encroach on human settlements, they become pest animals, and pest control treatment becomes a matter of public and private interest.

  • Brown RatRats spread infection, via their urine and faeces, bites and scratches, as well as the parasites that live on, or inside them. A rat infestation in living or working areas poses a health and safety risk and will require Little Lever rat control to neutralise the threat.
  • There are several ways that rats can enter a building, from ascending a drainpipe and exploiting gaps in the roof, to emerging out of the sewers from the toilet. Once rats find a way in, they may decide to return, or even stay to raise a family. It is unacceptable to have rats in the house or workplace, where they will multiply in a matter of months, and pest control treatment should be performed as soon as their presence is detected.
  • Rats will damage, and foul, the interior of a building. They gnaw at wires, which presents an electrical danger, and a fire risk. These electrical and fire hazards are another reason to get rid of rats.

What should be done about rats?

When there is a Little Lever rat infestation, professional rat removal treatment is the best choice for resolving the problem. There are a variety of reasons why expert pest control treatment is better than do-it-yourself methods.

  • ratPest control professions have an arsenal of contraptions and substances to get rid of rats and know how to use them safely and effectively. What harms a rat, could potentially hurt a human, so it is better to leave the use of pest control materials to the expert practitioners.
  • Rats, being wild animals, are unpredictable, and may attack anyone that gets too close. Pest control professionals, when tackling a rat infestation, are more prepared for rat attacks than non-professionals, and come forearmed with protective equipment.

Experts in the field of pest control are better able to get rid of rats, than amateurs attempting to do so. Professional Little Lever rat control is more likely to succeed, with less chance of rats returning later on.