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Things to Know About Professional Little Lever Mole Trapping and Control

You may be dealing with a mole problem if there are molehills on your garden or lawn. However, to be sure, you should contact mole control professionals. The benefit of hiring professionals is that they can tell, with certainty, the kind of pest you are dealing with. Additionally, they can give information on mole pest control options that you have.

Mole in a molehillFacts about moles
The mole, also called Talpa Europaea, is a small mammal with fur that is velvety black in colour. An interesting fact about moles is that they are more closely related to shrews and hedgehogs than they are to rats and mice. Their lifespan is about 3 years.

Physical characteristics
Moles have long pointed noses, tiny eyes and a short tail. Their front feet which are large and shove- like and with strong claws are what they use for digging. Male moles are usually bigger than females. An adult mole can be between 6 and 12 inches in length. Though moles have poor eyesight, they are very sensitive to touch and are able to feel vibrations in the soil. This is how they are able to detect water and food.

Moles like to live underground in gardens yards.

The mole diet mainly consists of earthworms. Nevertheless, they are also known to eat slugs and insect larvae.

How to tell you to have a mole problem.
Mole mound
The presence of a molehill, or a small pile of dirt, is by far the easiest way to know if there are moles in your garden. Molehills vary in size but on average, most are only a few inches high. As moles tunnel through your garden, they need a way to get rid of the soil/dirt. A molehill is how they remove the soil from the tunnel. As soon as you notice a molehill, you should contact a Little Lever mole trapping professional. The expert will use the appropriate mole pest control method to help you deal with the problem before it becomes an infestation.

Why you should hire a professional
Unless you are an expert, you should never attempt to do it yourself Little Lever mole trapping. Without the necessary equipment and expertise, you will end up wasting a lot of time and energy. Since they have the experience, mole control professionals like Young’s pest control will get rid of the problem quickly and effectively. What is more, they will give you advice on how to prevent moles as well as other pests from invading your yard or home.