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Professional Little Lever Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrels have increasingly become more pestilential on par with rats, cockroaches, ants, fleas, and wasps. They are a major problem for household gardens as they strip away the bark from the trees to get at the green flesh. These grey squirrels, also known as tree rats, are even known to have attacked humans on occasion. Squirrel pest control has now become a necessity in the UK.

The main features of grey squirrel pestilence:

Grey squirrel pest-> The grey squirrels are grey in colour with red or white underbellies and a bushy tail. They are approximately 25 centimetres in length.

-> Their extensive and quick breeding is a major problem. Grey squirrels breed from January to June and have a litter of around 3-4 young ones.

-> Grey squirrels, like rats, like to chew everything in sight. They have large teeth, which keeps growing. So they keep chewing in order to keep their teeth short. This results in them having really sharp teeth.

The problems that grey squirrels cause are plenty because they are destructive and dirty. Some of the main ones are given below.

-> Because of their enormous population, grey squirrels have taken to hiding inside houses in storage spaces such as attics and outbuildings, invading our homes.

-> They make loud, scratching noises throughout the day, disturbing everyone in the house.

-> They leave behind their droppings and are dangerous to have around the house as they may spread diseases.

-> Squirrel removal, unless practised, can prove to be a problem to household pets because grey squirrels carry fleas and pets can catch the fleas from them.

-> They chew at things and destroy all kinds of property. Very often, they cause extensive damage to the home itself by gnawing on fascias boards and wiring.

We help ensure a grey squirrel-free environment with our excellent Little Lever grey squirrel control services. These creatures are very difficult to deal with, but our experts have the experience and knowledge to handle squirrel-proofing your home efficiently.

Grey squirrel close upWe provide extensive services for squirrel pest control:

-> Estimation of the various jobs to be undertaken to provide complete Little Lever grey squirrel control to your home.

-> Grey squirrel removal by our efficient and trained staff. We use humane methods for trapping grey squirrels and disposing of them.

-> Advice on Squirrel proofing by finding and covering every space from where the rodents could get into your home.