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Professional Leigh Mole Trapping

Moles are a widespread yet largely misunderstood species. Most attempts at Leigh mole trapping or control are unsuccessful as people simply don't have the necessary information to deal with them. A lot of ineffective methods are used by do-it-yourself mole pest control novices. At young's pest control, we understand the species and its behaviours, and we know how best to deal with the pests.

Here are some facts about the mole

Moles are a solitary species. On the surface, you may think that you have hundreds of moles beneath you due to the vast size of their network. In truth, you only get around 3 moles per acre. This makes mole trapping very tricky!

Mole in a molehillMoles can dig an outstanding 1 foot of burrow every minute. To provide fuel for this, they can consume their weight in earthworms every day.

Insecticides will not remove the problem. Moles feed on a number of different species that will not necessarily be affected by the poison.

Moles disfigure lawns, golf courses and cemeteries.

The main tunnels of a mole's network can be used for years while others are temporary.

Here's some information about mole control

The elusive nature of the mole makes it hard to deal with. The underground network is very large, so laying traps in the right place isn't easy. Leigh mole trapping is further complicated by the multi-layered nature of the tunnels. Some are near the surface while the main nesting ares are deeper down. Young's methods of Leigh mole trapping and control are tailored to this complex lifestyle.

Mole moundRoots and bulbs of plants can be dislodged beneath the ground. The mole will not eat them but removing the soil around them deprives the plants of nourishment. As the moles network grows, the rest of a garden will suffer as the lawn gets little depressions and unsightly molehills. Calling in the professionals at the first sign of infestation will save you a lot of trouble later on.

There are a lot of recommended deterrents online and most of them will not work. Repellents such as castor oil, chewing gum and mole poisons are largely useless. Gassing is rarely effective due to the size and well ventilated nature of a mole's domain. You will save a lot of time ad effort by using the services of Young's pest control. We have a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and a proven track record of dealing with all manner of pests.