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AntsA Annoying
N Nuisance (yet)
T Treatable
S Species

Young's Pest Control is your one-call stop for a full range of ant control, ant removal, and all things related to the utter extermination of ants in your home or business. An ant infestation can be a former bad word in your house if you give us a ring.

A Ant removal
N Not all of the products available to get rid of ants actually work for the home consumer, at Young's Pest Control we've got the industrial strength baits, sprays, and more to make the ants disappear and stay gone!
T The only way you can get treatment for flying ant infestation in house and know it will work is if you call us, we are trained to execute the assault and decimate the species in your home or business.
S Some people try DIY but rarely is the problem solved, they just don't have enough knowledge or training and instead of making the problem better can actually make the problem worse. Leigh ant infestation removal treatment is best done by those who can do it safest, Young's Pest Control.

Black antAnt infestations are usually down to a couple of common species, the black garden ant and the pharaoh's ant. They are
N Nearly impossible to tell apart and the worst
T Thing about the Pharoah's ants are the sorts of
S Sicknesses and diseases they can carry and transmit to people and pets.

  • Antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Nocardiosis
  • Typhoid
  • Salmonella

Whether you have a flying ant infestation or a black garden ant infestation in the house you will need appropriate extermination conducted as quickly as possible. Flying ant infestation are not ants which can actually fly, but those ants who have non-functional tiny wings such as the Pharaoh's ant.

A Ant infestation isn't usually too difficult to figure out. Though ants are somewhat difficult
N Nocturnal you can see them crawling across the floor in the daytime, carrying food to the nests. You can see your cupboard conditions and if packages containing food have been gotten into by this nasty
S Species of insect. Indoors the ants will hide in small cracks in
T The floorboards, walls, etc. but there is usually some evidence of their presence whether it is bite marks when you awaken, visible signs of them, or a sudden sickness in a pet or person.