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Professional Kearsley Woodworm Treatment Spray


Woodworm larvaeWoodworm is the larvae stage of one of a possible four beetles, which attack timber in the UK. The most common of these beetles is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum). The name is somewhat of a misnomer, as this furniture beetle will cause a woodworm infestation in all forms of timber, including roof joists and floorboards.

The remaining three species are; Deathwatch Beetle (Xestobium rufuvillosum), Powderpost Beetle (Lyctus brunneus) and House Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus). All require professional treatment for woodworm removal.


Adult beetles will lay eggs in the cracks of any wood, floorboards, joists or furniture. When the larvae hatch they will burrow into the timber. It is this burrowing, eating their way through the wood, which produces the first unnoticed holes. Once inside the wood, they will continue to feed and burrow for some years. As the larvae grow and reach maturity they will bore toward the surface of the timber where they pupate, before emerging as adult beetles. More holes appear in the infected timber, and the woodworm infestation continues to grow as adult beetles lay new batches of eggs.


Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingShould you be unfortunate enough to detect signs of woodworm, calling in experts like Young’s Pest Control Company is a must. While purchasing a DIY Kearsley woodworm treatment spray, or Kearsley woodworm removal furniture spray, may seem a cost-effective option, different beetles require different treatments.

Identification of which type of beetle is causing your problem needs to be made before treatment for woodworm is carried out. Young’s will send out a woodworm specialist to do a complete survey of the problem, identify the species concerned, and recommending the appropriate treatment. The House Longhorn larvae, for instance, are far bigger than the Furniture beetle larvae and can cause far greater damage. Remember; although you have just noticed the problem, it may well have been ongoing for years.


While the early stages of a woodworm infestation are not so easily seen, an established infestation is more noticeable. Little mounds of what appear to be sawdust, on furniture shelves, or around the area on the floor: seemingly rotting floorboards or holes in roof joists and timbers.

Careful inspection of the suspected area may reveal a dead beetle or two. These should be kept for Young’s woodworm experts to look at, before deciding which Kearsley woodworm treatment is required. Holes in furniture are key signs that Kearsley woodworm treatment furniture spray is required. Application though may differ from that required for floorboards and roof joists.


Many insurance companies today will offer a discount, or reduced premium if your house has been treated for woodworm prevention. With structural surveys required prior to house selling, being able to produce certificated proof of Kearsley woodworm treatment proves to be a big plus when putting your property on the market.

Contact Young’s Pest Control, the Kearsley Woodworm Treatment Specialists today, and discuss your woodworm treatment, or woodworm prevention options, without obligation.