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Professional Kearsley Rat Control Treatments: Important Information

Rats are rodents that have large front teeth that they use for gnawing. They get into your home by squeezing through holes in your walls or basement and through broken vents. In the UK, there are two main rat species. These are the common or brown rat and black rats. The brown rat species is larger in size compared to the black rat. The brown rats are also more social and live in groups.

Brown RatFacts About Rats
Rats reproduce very fast. Some species are known to breed all year round. What this means is that you should call Kearsley rat control professionals immediately you spot them in your home. This is because a few rats can breed and give birth to hundreds or thousands of rats leading to a rat infestation which can be hard to deal with. Another reason why you should get rid of rats is that they harbour and transmit diseases. Rat urine, for example, causes leptospirosis which results in kidney and liver damage. Rats also bring parasites such as ticks and fleas into your home. The bubonic or black plague that killed millions of people was a rat-borne disease. Moreover, rats are destructive. They gnaw on wood, foodstuffs and even clothes causing damage.

Kearsley Rat Control
You must not wait until there is a Kearsley rat infestation to call in the experts. You should start looking for rat removal services the moment you suspect there are rats in your home, from their droppings for example. The experts will decide which pest control treatment to use depending on how big the problem is.

ratHiring Kearsley Rat Control Experts
One of the biggest advantages of hiring experts to help you get rid of rats is that they know how to identify and eliminate areas where rats are likely to hide. They know where rats love to hide and build their nests and how they get their food. Having been in the business for a considerable amount of time, experts also know which pest control treatment works safely and effectively. They know when and how to apply the treatment such that it eliminates the problems without posing any risk to the homeowner. Experts understand that one size does not fit all. Before using a particular pest control treatment, they first inspect your home. This helps them design a solution or treatment that is effective.

Experts will not only help you get rid of rats but will also give advice on how to prevent a rat infestation. So go on and call them today for a consultation.