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No More Moles with Expert Kearsley Mole Trapping Services

Because moles love to be alone yet have a relatively high rate of reproduction, they can become a severe problem quickly.

  • Full size moleAt two months mole babies are able to tunnel for their own insects, grubs, and worms underground
  • There can be 3-6 mole 'pups' per litter
  • Moles appear to hate each other and only hang out when breeding
  • Because they hate each other, if it's not breeding season they will fight any other mole viciously

Mole control *is* necessary. Kearsley mole trapping can be done easily by professionals. Moles use smell and touch as their primary sense and spend nearly all of their lives underground. Sometimes carriers of rabies, your children and pets may not realize the threat that an above-ground mole can provide. Dogs may dig into mole holes trying to get to the 'friend' only to find themselves having a painful wildlife encounter with a scared and biting mole.

Damage to underground pipes, structures, and plants and trees as well as upturning lawns are among the reasons moles are considered a pest and a nuisance best left to Young's Pest Control. These grass killing, underground rodents are not seen as often as the damage is seen. Should a mole be aboveground, keep your distance so as not to get contaminated by any diseases they may carry or attacked if they are feeling threatened.

Kearsley mole trapping is a job that only professionals such as Young's Pest Control should do - we have the training and equipment needed to safely get rid of your mole pest control problem. We know how moles behave and what they might do when getting rid of them, so let us do our best and rid you of your mole pest.

Mole in a molehillThis situation is a do-it-yourself DON'T!

Kindly don't hazard being bitten or getting contamination by making an endeavour to deal with mole catching and mole control. Moles will make long and wide networks of tunnels that don't stop at property boundaries. If your neighbours have a mole pest control problem, odds are pretty good that you have one too or soon will.

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