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Get Rid Of Grey Squirrels with Professional Kearsley Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrel pestYou see them scampering about in the park and you would never stop to think how this cute, cuddly creature could ever be a pest and cause problems for people. Grey squirrel control, however, is needed in households across the UK, especially in the past few years. The past few years have seen an astronomical increase in the population of grey squirrels and this has a strong correlation with the amount of Kearsley grey squirrel control that has to be carried out by professionals such as Young's pest control who are located in the Manchester area. This is quite obviously because of a combination of different things. Firstly, the population of grey squirrels has been allowed to thrive in this country and secondly, the amount of woodland area that would create a suitable natural habitat for a squirrel is also being cut down. So with a shortage of squirrel homes but what seems an endless supply of squirrels, they seek refuge in the homes of humans.

Why Do We Need Squirrel Removal?

Squirrels need to be removed because they can damage our homes and also cause fire hazards and be quite dangerous. Their tough, sharp and incredibly durable teeth are able to penetrate just about any household material. This has seen them in the past chew through many valuable items and electronics that need replacing.

Grey squirrel on benchOne of the main problems, when Kearsley grey squirrel control is most needed is when they successfully gnaw their way through wires. This can ruin the electric appliance and can also cause you to have to phone an electrician to fix it which can be very costly indeed. The most dangerous instance where this occurs is if they bite through a large, active wire as this is a major fire hazard and can put you and your family in danger.

Squirrel removal is also a necessary process because of the diseases that they can indirectly give to humans. These diseases come from the fleas that the majority of squirrels have and can have some quite serious consequences and symptoms for humans.

Why Call A Professional?

When it comes to Kearsley grey squirrel control, calling a professional is most definitely the only way to go. Squirrels can be dangerous when they feel vulnerable and can attack humans, so it requires an experienced hand, like Young's pest control, has. They will also make your home less penetrable for squirrels so that the problem does not happen again.