Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50
Bumblebee Hive Removal £69.50

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Kearsley BumbleBee Control

Bees hovering around the bird box? Getting into the dryer vent? Strange buzzing sound coming from the wall or attic? Noticing more bumble bees around than usual? Concerned for children and pets who like to play in the garden or people who are allergic to bee stings? Unable to figure out where the bees are coming from?

Calling in a professional, such as Young's Pest Control, with experience in Kearsley bumble bee control is the answer to any of these problems. Many people don't notice bumblebees until they become a nuisance, and at that point, it is easier, faster and safer to leave the task of Kearsley bumble bee removal up to the experts.

Often times, the species causing the problem is the relatively new tree bumblebee, which has recently come over to Britain from Europe and is distinguished by its large area of ginger fur, instead of yellow stripes. While many bumble bees nest in the ground and are only a problem if stepped on, tree bumble bees nest above ground and often get into attics, bird boxes, vents and other places around the home that bring them into close contact with people. They are more aggressive about defending their queen and nest than other bee species, and often have sentry drones patrolling the area around the nest looking for threats. The nest is extremely sensitive to disturbance and will swarm and attack with little provocation if anything causes a vibration - such as opening and closing a door or window near the hive. Tree bumblebees can also cause problems by clogging up vents like the dryer vent, and creating a lot of noise if the nest in the walls or attic.

Tree Bumble Bee Tree BumbleBee

Kearsley bumblebee control sometimes involves containing the bees in the nest and removing it to another location, farther away from areas where it was causing a problem. Because bees are important for farmers and for the natural environment, this is ideal, but it is not always possible. When physical nest removal isn't feasible, insecticide insect control methods can be used. A pest control expert with Kearsley bumblebee control experience can best evaluate the situation and determine which method is best, and how to do about applying the treatment that suits the situation. With affordable rates and 24-hour availability, the experts at Young's Pest Control can help out with a bumblebee removal any time.