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Kearsley Ant Infestation Removal

AntsAnt infestation is a common UK problem which can be extremely annoying to house owners. Not only can an ant infestation in house lead to some of your food being eaten, but some of the larger varieties can give you quite painful little nips. Although it is not currently thought garden ants spread disease, it really isn't nice to think of the unwanted pests running around our home. Pharaoh ants on the other hand, can spread disease, and are just as common in the UK.

Do I need Kearsley ant infestation removal services?
There are many old wives tales on how to get rid of ant infestation and flying ant infestation. Boiling water and fairy liquid are two common ones, but due to the sheer volume of ants and how quickly they breed, it is un-likely to be effective.

The easiest way to see if you have ants, is seeing the ants themselves. Ants will forage for food, and garden ants are attracted to our sugary and fatty foods. Sometimes it can be impossible to tell if they are foraging as they can take food back to the nest, but damaged packaging is the main culprit. If you notice damaged packing on your food, ants will surely be nearby. Due to the rate they multiply, it wont be long into your problem before you notice the actual ants, who will usually run in a line.

Black antDo I need to call in for professional ant control treatment?
Ant infestation and flying ant infestation will not be easy to get rid of. Although there tends to be a lot of 'home' ant control treatments on the market, it is usually ineffective against ant infestation in house. Kearsley ant infestation removal methods can put stress on the nest, and in the case of the Pharaoh ant, the workers will build a new nest if the colony is under stress. As well as this, they can create mobile nests and live easily in items of clothing. Youngs pest control will help you get rid of your ants quickly and professionally. They will give you expert information and advice, and take every care to ensure the problem is dealt with effectively so that the infestation does not spring up again.

Of all UK pests, ants are probably one of the hardest to deal with due to the sheer volume of them when they decide to make your home their home.