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Irlam Woodworm Treatment Specialists

Woodworm is more common in the UK than people would think, and unfortunately, a woodworm infestation can make that dream home you have been working on for years, nothing but a worthless pile of wood and bricks. It is worth noting that most insurance companies do not pay out for pest damage, so once these unwanted little creatures have eaten their way through your home you may be left incredibly financially out of pocket.

How can I tell if I need treatment for woodworm removal?

Woodworm larvaeThere are many signs of woodworm, but unfortunately, as they live inside the wood sometimes it is too late. Irlam woodworm treatment on furniture can often be well after significant damage has been done. Holes in the wood and actually seeing the beetles themselves are the main things to look out for. They will 'burrow' and make tunnels inside the actual wood itself which is hard to spot, but when they exit they leave noticeable holes. There will also be dust, which is distinctive. In more extreme cases, floorboards can become damaged so if you notice detriment to the stability of your home woodworm could be the cause. The tunnels can be so intricate, that sometimes using Irlam woodworm treatment spray may not even be effective. not only do they cause structural damage, but they can also ruin expensive furniture.

How can I get rid of woodworm infestation?

Treatment for woodworm removal is by no means straight forward and should be left to the professionals. Irlam woodworm treatment for furniture and woodworm treatment for structure need to be carried out as soon as the problem is identified. Although there may be many 'DIY' options such as home Irlam woodworm treatment spray, it is unlikely to be effective.

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingThe problem with using ineffective home methods is that as woodworm live actually in the walls of your home, you may not realise it hasn't worked until it is too late, and significant structural damage has been done to your property. Calling in a professional pest control company gives you the assurance that the problem has been dealt with and no further damage will be caused to your home. Adult beetles also lay eggs, so any home treatment is likely to get rid of just the adults, leaving the eggs to hatch and for your problem to start afresh all over again. Young's pest control offers a professional and tailored service, and they will come and assess the problem and the severity and deal with it quickly for you. When woodworm is eating into your walls and floorboards, there is not a minute to waste in treating the problem, as structural damage can also lead to your home becoming unsafe, and in extreme cases injury.

Rather than thinking you are equipped to deal with a problem as severe as woodworm infestation, call in the professionals to ensure they are removed from your home correctly and safely, with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Getting rid of the costly problem as soon as it is identified will save your years of trouble