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Clearing Your Property with an Ince in Makerfield Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation has the potential to be extremely damaging if it takes hold in property and early detection offers the best hope of applying an Ince in Makerfield woodworm treatment spray to avoid serious problems. Spotting these little pests is not always easy in the initial stages of an infestation although once the problem is identified a property owner should look to hire professional treatment for woodworm removal to make sure the problem is dealt with. A call to Young’s Pest Control will get you the Ince in Makerfield woodworm treatment for furniture and other wooden features have to get to avoid them being ruined.

Woodworm Information

Woodworm larvaeWoodworm is basically the young of a few different types of beetle that need wood to survive. After mating, the female adult beetles will lay their eggs in the crevices of a wooden surface. In property, this can be any number of objects from a dining table to chairs, boxes, floorboards, and rafters. Woodworm will hatch from the eggs and burrow their way into the wood as a way of feeding. They will continue tunnelling through the interior of an object and make their way close to the surface when they are ready to pupate. The adult beetle that emerges from the pupa will bore its way free to mate and start the lifecycle process over again.

Woodworm Problems

A few woodworms will cause only a small amount of damage and it is only if a population is allowed to grow that problems can start to occur. The tunnels the pest bores through wood can start to weaken and damage an object, and in the long run, this can result in their destruction. This is frustrating when it comes to furnishings although the problems will be much more serious if it is floorboards or rafters that collapse. This means that early Ince in Makerfield woodworm treatment spray is essential to eradicate a growing population and nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of control.

Spotting the Signs

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm Damage

Woodworm burrows deep into wooden objects, so spotting the signs is not always easy at first. However, there are a few giveaways that signal a woodworm infestation.

  • Round Holes: Check the surface of wooden objects to see if there are any small, round holes. These are made by the adult beetles as they free themselves.
  • Powdery Dust: Another sign that adults have freed themselves from an object is a layer of fine, powdery dust below it.
  • Crumbly Edges: If the edges of furniture, floorboards, or beams crumble when touched, it is a sign of the damage caused by woodworm.

Homeowners that spot these signs should quickly call in an expert to confirm if they have a problem and arrange for the Ince in Makerfield woodworm treatment on furniture or other wood features in a home to stop the problem escalating.

Contact Young’s Pest Control

The treatment for woodworm removal our experts can provide will target the pest to destroy eggs, young, and adults. In this way, an entire woodworm infestation can be wiped out to stop any further damage being caused. We are available at any time to take calls, so if you need help with a woodworm problem just dial our number and we will be only too happy to provide the assistance you need.