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Stop the Damage with Professional Ince in Makerfield Mole Trapping and Control

Full size moleA single mole can lay claim to a large underground area for its territory and once it takes up residence and starts building a burrow system, it can cause plenty of damage to the ground above. This can be a frustration when it is landscaped areas such as gardens, sports grounds, or lawns, and mole pest control is the only really effective way to combat the problem. Young’s Pest Control has the capabilities to undertake successful Ince in Makerfield mole trapping and rid this pest from an area.

Burrow Systems

Moles live a rather solitary lifestyle and will build a burrow system that can cover areas up to around 1 square kilometre. The tunnels are used for them to get around their territory and as a way of finding food. They typically survive on a diet of insects and worms, and can continually extend tunnels in search of these unless some form of mole control is put in place to deal with them

Signs of Moles

It is usually fairly evident when moles move into an area and while the animal itself while likely not be spotted, signs of their presence are obvious.

  • Mole in a molehillMolehills: These untidy piles of the earth are the debris brought to the surface as tunnels are dug. This can include stones, which have the potential to be a danger for mowing equipment if molehills are on grassed areas.
  • Mole Ridges: These are where the ground is pushed up but not broken and show signs of tunnels dug just below the surface.
  • Dead or Dying Plants: The roots of flowers, small trees, and bushes will be damaged as moles tunnel straight through them. This can hinder growth and in the worst cases kill the plant.

A combination of the signs shown above should be enough to confirm that moles are causing problems.

Ince in Makerfield Mole Trapping and Control

Moles can create such a large burrow system that finding and dealing with them is not always the easiest of tasks. This is why it is best to call in the assistance of a professional Ince in Makerfield mole trapping service. Young’s Pest Control has staff with knowledge of the behaviour and habits of the animal and this enables them to target mole control in the right areas of territory to ensure that it works. Those suffering problems with moles can get in touch by email or phone to give us details. They will also be able to arrange a visit to get mole pest control assistance from one of our specialists.