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Professional Horwich Woodworm Treatment

In the woodwork industry, the name that encompasses the various species of wood-boring beetles is woodworm. Common Furniture, Old-house Borers, Deathwatch, Ambrosia, Powderpost, Waney Edge Borer, and House Longhorn beetles are some of the common woodworm species in the United Kingdom. Common Furniture beetle is the most common species.

Woodworm habitat
Some woodworm limits their activities to roots of trees or forests. Others are pests as they invade homes and commercial buildings and attack wood used in furniture and construction. Their larvae can be found inside wooden items such as floorboards and furniture. Once the larvae mature, they can no longer hide, and they come out into the light as mature beetles. These beetles stay around windows, hatches, and windowsills and they soon start hatching more larvae.

How to identify woodworm infestation:
Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-upting• Adult beetles around the property
• Dead, adult beetles around the home
• Tunnels within timber
• Small, round, holes in the woodwork
• Fine powder-like dust escaping from timber or old furniture
• Damaged or weakened flooring or timber
• Crumbling edges to beams and boards

Problems that can be caused by woodworm
If woodworm infestation is not treated as soon as it is identified, it could cause untold damage to property. The amount of damage depends on the type of wood and species of woodworm. Below are some general damages that woodworm can cause:
• Tunnels along grains cause severe damage to parquet or wood block flooring.
• They also cause damage to beams and rafters.
• As weakening of wood continues, structures also continue to weaken.
• The structure might collapse eventually.
• Property owners experience huge losses when wooden items are damaged.

Why it is not advisable to carry out treatment for woodworm removal on your own:
Woodworm larvae• You might end up solving the problem temporarily leading to waste of time and money. This is because woodworm hides in places where you cannot find all of them.
• These pests are very stubborn and using conventional methods such as Horwich woodworm treatment spray might not kill the ones inside the wood.
• For Horwich woodworm treatment to be successful, the woodworm species have to be accurately identified as each requires a different treatment method. You could end up treating the wrong species, leading to more problems.
• Combining professional methods with conventional treatment methods such as Horwich woodworm treatment spray is the best solution for this problem.

Why professional Horwich treatment for woodworm removal is the best solution
Horwich woodworm treatment furniture products and all other kinds of treatments are best handled by professionals due to the following reasons:
• Specialists survey the property to find out the magnitude of the problem.
• They identify the infecting species and find out if it is still active before deciding on the best treatment.
• They offer advice on what to do with the weakened or damaged timber.
• They use advanced, safe, and effective treatments to prevent the problem from recurring.
• They advise their customers on how to prevent re-infestation.

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