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Professional Horwich Mole Trapping

The mole is an elusive and rarely seen animal. Their shy and mysterious existence belies the fact that they are destructive, abundant and disruptive. They cover large areas, making extensive burrows, and they are active year-round.

How can they be such a problem? I've never seen one

Mole in a molehillYou are unlikely to see a mole. They have no need to surface. All of their sustenance comes from subterranean food-sources. They are safe underground and navigate primarily by touch and smell. The problems they cause are based on the vast lengths of their tunnel networks. A mole network beneath your garden will turn your grass brown by damaging roots. Your lawn will become bumpy as the soil is removed from beneath it. Plants will suffer as the worms are consumed beneath them, harming the quality of the soil.

They also create trip-hazards by making the surface irregular and forming holes beneath the hills that are used for ventilation.

There is also the obvious cosmetic factor of the molehills. They will pop up all over the place as the mole's use them to provide fresh air. As the burrow grows, the number of hills will increase. If you flatten one, more will spring up. If you want an even, green lawn, Horwich mole trapping and control must be undertaken.

A side-effect of mole activity is that they provide homes for other pests. Underground networks are extensive and they become nests for mice and rats. Mole control can help to alleviate problems caused by other pests.

Should I dig them up or just poison them?

Full size moleNeither! Poison is ineffective against moles. They simply won't consume it. You are more likely to poison your own pets by accident if you attempt this method of mole control.

Digging up a mole is also unlikely to provide results. Moles are very small and their tunnel networks are vast. Moles dig multi-layered networks with tunnels at different depths. The main living and nesting chambers are the deepest.

How can I get rid of them?

The professional Horwich mole trapping service offered by Young's pest control is an effective solution to a mole infestation. We are experienced in mole pest control and well informed of the habits of the mole. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, any attempts at Horwich mole trapping are likely to be futile. The nature of their lifestyle simply makes them extremely awkward to deal with. Get in touch with Young's for a tailored and complete answer to your problem.