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Stop Squirrels Moving In with Horwich Grey Squirrel Control

Grey squirrel pestSquirrels are generally considered as nice creatures that wouldn't hurt a fly. We see them in the park, scampering around and think how could anybody not think they are cute? Their cute appearance might be true, but that does not stop them from being a huge pest problem in the UK because of a recent increase in their population. With an increase in population and a lack of woodland, squirrels are left with little option but to move into our homes. In the event of a grey squirrel infestation, a professional Horwich grey squirrel control team must be called in. Successful squirrel pest control requires an experienced team, Horwich grey squirrel control should not be carried out on your own because the squirrels have been known to attack several humans if they feel vulnerable.

How Do Grey Squirrels Get In?

In order to establish the right course of action when it comes to Horwich squirrel control and squirrel removal, it is first necessary to ascertain how exactly the squirrel gained entrance to your home. Squirrels are probably more likely than you are to know about the flaws, cracks and holes that may become available in the exterior of the property.

The slightest crack or flaw can easily let a squirrel in because of their extremely sharp teeth. Their teeth can wear away even some of the hardest materials, like brickwork or cement. Once they get in, they can hide in the wall or typically the loft insulation and this can be a very large problem indeed.

The Problems They Cause

Grey squirrel close upSquirrels cause a wide variety of problems in your house if they get in which is why calling a professional squirrel removal team like Young's is essential. They will literally chew anything, from insulation to jewellery if it is left out and therefore they can really leave some of our personal possessions damaged beyond repair, which can be very costly to replace.

The worst thing they can chew through, which is actually a fairly common occurrence is the wires in the house. The damage to wires is again very costly to fix and can see people having rewired their entire house, which costs a great deal. Not only that, but it is also a big fire hazard to have wires that are chewed so a squirrel infestation really can start to put you and your family in danger which is why people like Young's pest control, who are based in Manchester need to be called.