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Professional Horwich Bed Bug Treatment

Bed BugThe idea of bed bugs is a horrible one- bugs crawling over your bed and biting you as you sleep is the stuff of nightmares. They can give nasty bites and disturb sleep patterns badly, leaving you unable to cope with your day to day activities. If you think you have a problem and want Horwich bed bug treatment, don’t waste any time - give Young’s Pest Control a ring on 0161 776 9832 or 0784 581 5261.

How do I know if my beds have bugs?
Firstly, it might not just be your beds. Bed bugs like beds because of their proximity to human beings- they feed off their blood. But they will hide in any crevices in your rooms –inside plug sockets, in between floorboards, and furnishings too. The main signs that you need Horwich bed bug treatment are seeing the bugs themselves, seeing blood spots on your sheets, or seeing what looks like pepper grains on your furnishings. These are actually faecal matter. There may also be a sickly sweet smell in the affected rooms. If you see any of these signs, call us immediately at Young’s Pest Control. Bed bugs have a quick reproductive cycle, laying 3 eggs a day in warm weather so if you suspect you need bed bug removal, phone us immediately. They also can survive without food for up to 7 days so not seeing them for a while, doesn’t mean they've gone. Phone us to have peace of mind.

bedbugWhy can’t I deal with it myself?
There are things that you can do to effect bed bug control like washing loose coverings and bed linen. We will ask you to do this before we come and treat the problem. However, the pesticides that are sold in DIY stores are simply not strong enough for you to completely control your problem. Bed bug fumigation for bed bug control will ensure that your home and beds are free of bugs but you will need a professional like Young’s Pest Control to judge exactly the right strength of insecticide for your Horwich bed bug treatment.

Bed bug fumigation is a relatively quick process, but you need to work fast as they can quickly become established. So call us at Young’s Pest Control on 0161 776 9832 or 0784 581 5261 as soon as you suspect a problem.