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Professional Hindley Woodworm Treatment Spray

A woodworm infestation can be caused by the larvae of a number of different beetle species. They can get into your house on a purchased piece of furniture or the adult beetle can fly in and lay eggs in the house. Eggs are laid in tiny cracks, and upon hatching, the worms will begin burrowing into the wood and consuming it from within. This can be very worrying for homeowners who may not be aware of treatment for woodworm.

How do they cause a problem?

Woodworm larvaeThe larvae of the death watch beetle, the common furniture beetle and various other species eat wood. The damper is, the better. They will burrow through floorboards, structural timber and items of furniture. Inside the house, this has the obvious cosmetic effect of little trails in your otherwise pristine interior. In the structural parts of the house is where the real problem lies. Beams, joists and roofing are closer to the outside of the house and more prone to damp. This makes the wood easier to consume for the woodworm. Over time, the wood will weaken and fail to provide support for the building. A Hindley woodworm treatment spray should be done before the problem escalates. Replacing timber that is damaged is very expensive and difficult.

What are the signs of woodworm infestation?

As the grubs eat the wood, they excrete what is effectively sawdust. Little deposits of dust around your furniture may be a sign of woodworm. Visual signs of burrowing on the surface of timber will give away the presence of woodworm, and the adult beetles can sometimes be seen under carpets that are laid on floorboards; particularly in damp areas of bathrooms etc.

You may be under the impression that woodworm only infests old buildings. This is far from the truth. They will thrive in any location that provides them with the right breeding and feeding environment.

Can they be got rid of?

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingWoodworm can be difficult to get rid of. Using the professional services of young's pest control will help. Treatment for woodworm removal varies based on the location of the problem. Hindley woodworm treatment furniture cases provide easier access than housing timber. Specialist tactics must be employed when administering a Hindley woodworm removal treatment spray to hard-to-reach areas. The assistance of a trained pro will give you peace of mind in the fact that the problem has been fully dealt with. There is little point in half doing the job and leaving some breeding individuals behind to kick-start a new generation.

The key to beating this pest is in fast action. The situation will not improve if left alone. The UK is a temperate country and the temperature regularly falls low enough for dew and condensation to form. These conditions help the spread of woodworm and provide them with sustenance. Young's know how to recognize the problem and prescribe the most effective course of action. Whether your problem is outdoors, or you require a Hindley woodworm treatment furniture solution; you can trust Young's to provide it.